Six Songs For Your Saturday-Peals, Dan DiLego, Japandroids, Anna of the North, Laura Marling, and Mondo Cozmo


I have been overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the amazing music that finds its way to my inbox. it is crazy how over a few short years, there are so many bands and record companies which have found my little website. I am not some big conglomerate with interns, a staff, and other people to sift through the emails and submissions. Yep, it is just lil’ ol’ me.

So sadly, sometimes really great music slips through my tapping, typing fingertips. It bothers me and I have decided to make an effort to change it.

I have decided to look at my week of emails  of submissions and find six songs that peak my interest. I hope you might find something new and worthy of a purchase or download. Please support these artists with me and help them find the freedom to continue to fire up their creative juices for more, more, more music.

Who doesn’t love an amazing instrumental on a lazy, lovely weekend? But this song is more than just music. The animation, by Miranda Javid, in the video, captured me as well. Peals is William Cashion and Bruce Willen, the two bass players of the Baltimore bands Future Islands and Double Dagger. “Become Younger” is a feast for the eyes and the ears.

Peals-Become Younger

Don Dilego combines so many sounds in this song. Who doesn’t love the slow strum of a guitar and the occasional slide?  “Go Pack Your Suitcase” is an Alt/Country song with a surprising ‘full on’ horns ending.

Don Dilego-Go Pack Your Suitcase

Japandroids is back on the scene with another solid rock song that will have you screaming,  “OOOOH Yeah!” Their crazy tour schedule of 200 shows in 40 countries which ended in 2013, was the cause of their much needed break from music.  I am jumping with joy to hear they are better than ever.

Japandroids-No Known Drink or Drug

Luckily it is a brilliant, warm January day here in Atlanta, but all across the USA people are hunkered down and trying to stay warm from dipping temperatures and ice. “Oslo” reminds me of a stroll on a cold crisp day where warmth is generated from luminous electronic sounds and heart-felt confessions of devotion. Anna of the North is Anna Lotterud & Brady Daniell-Smith of Scandinavia. Check them out!

Anna Of The North-Oslo

A gently pleading folk song. Wild Fire” is rich with a smokey, vocal texture and a genius way of connecting strong statements with catchy choruses. Laura Marling‘s new album, Semper Femina, will be out in March, and I already know it is going to be impressive and gorgeous.

Laura Marling-Wild Fire

Sometimes new music is shared by a good friend with pretty stellar music taste. I am always thankful when I get a head’s up to listen to a new artist. Okay, here is a feel good video that shines on and highlights an incredible song. I am just going to warn you to have a tissue nearby for this heartfelt video and music by Mondo Cozmo. He is a  new guy on the scene and a bit of a rebel with a powerful message. Can’t wait to hear more!

Mondo Cozmo-Hold On To Me

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