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Mood Monday


I am nervous, excited, empowered, and fortunate. I plan to march on Washington DC this Saturday, January 21st. It is the day after President Elect Trump will officially take office. I believe I have an obligation as a female citizen of the United States to stand up for all women and send an important message to our new president.

No I am not protesting. I am marching peacefully and advocating to the new administration that our voices are strong and must be heard.

Women’s rights are human rights….period.

I will march for unity, family, equality, community, freedom, our future, and our children.

It is a critical time in history, and we cannot go backwards…this is a moment where we can show we are stronger together. We want to send the message that we will push women’s issues to the forefront for the next four years. I hope to return home from the march with renewed enthusiasm and commit to a greater social movement, continue to put pressure on the Legislature, and continue to keep the momentum going so that all women can be heard and supported.

I have hope in this nation and I think it is my obligation as a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a sister to stand up and speak out for more than just me.

I saw Diet Cig back in November. They are Alex Luciano on vocals/guitar and Noah Bowman on drums. They have a much anticipated new album Swear I’m Good At This coming out  on April 7th.


At the show in November, I was instantly struck with the soaring energy that Alex Luciano parades across the stage. It is difficult to capture, but I tried.


She danced, jumped, and sang like an exploding firecracker. I was reminded that power isn’t always about size or creating fear. Power and strength can be rooted in knowledge, enthusiasm, preparation, and deep resolve.

After one of my favorite music blogs (The Fat Angel Sings) posted Diet Cig’s brand new song the other day, I knew I had to share it. This song totally pumps me up for my week ahead and the Women’s March on Washington, DC.

“…Trying to find my voice, surrounded by all boys…”

Diet Cig-Tummy Ache

In a press release,  Luciano explains the new song,

“Tummy Ache” is all about unpacking the feeling of approaching punk with radical softness, and the struggle when it’s not always read as powerful or cool or whatever enough. Its the shout into my pillow when what I’m saying isn’t being heard, and a big old I FEEL YA to all the femme folks creating space for themselves in a world that wants to keep us quiet.

How perfect is that? Well, I can’t be quiet any longer. How ’bout you?

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