Six Songs-featuring Ne Hi, Soulin Wild, Julien Baker, Green Day, Allman Brown, and Tesla Boy

Mood Monday-still sorting through my feelings and mood for now. Will share more later.

So….even though this is a few days late, I thought I would try to continue the best of my weekly submissions sharing. My excuse? I had an invigorating but exhausting Women’s March on Washington and then returned home to an Atlanta Falcons conference championship to watch.

So….this week, I am exchanging my Mood Monday post with my weekend submission sharing post.

Here are six songs for your listening pleasure. Bands which are new on the scene or sharing their latest release. Check out the tunes you like, add them to your playlist, and see if they are coming to a city near you to tour. Each would love to have some new followers who show some love and support!


Let’s begin the listening with a band that has roots “on both its live energy and cleverly wrought guitar anthems”. The Chicago based band, Ne-Hi, are Jason Balla, Alex Otake, Michael Wells, and James Weir. Their second album release is in the works (out Feb. 24th), “Offers” is an appetizer to so much more.




The video was created and directed by Melanie Coles, who explains both the inspiration and process behind its creation:

Bodies, mountains, birds and a Range Rover travel through space and darkness into a penetrating version of the human experience. The notion of “Offers” creating endless visions of reality is shown in this meticulously disorienting abstraction of natural and exterior elements. Fragments of imagery layered with texture, grain, and contrast are punctuated by the songs black and white tones and minimal lyrics. The video was constructed primarily from discarded science and photography texts combined with 3-Dimensional objects (1950’s model railroad trees & bridges) referencing early animation techniques and surrealist film.

A song of note with video art and creativity. Cool.

Soulin Wild

How could a band go wrong with a collective of talented musicians? Well, each member has to have the give and take required for the shared arrangement and final product. This group has something special in that respect. They have garnished their incredible craft of musicianship and created the band, Soulin Wild.


Soulin Wild-Instinctive Echos

Soulin Wild is a band formed from the combined effort of Dan Gunn and Matt Bracknel, based in Perth, Western Australia, who eventually brought in really talented musicians to add to their overall sound. They are a soothing and complex wall of sound. Instinctive Echos provides the dreamy sounds of almost chant like vocals combined with psychedelia and surprising moments of jamming rock and roll. Their latest album, Balance, is out now. A must listen if you are trying to find music to get you through the cold dreary days of winter.



Julien Baker

I am utterly thrilled by new music from this amazing songwriter musician, Julien Baker whom I have lovingly featured right here.


She has a new label signing with Matador Records. Julien Baker is a surefire songwriter and musician from Nashville, Tenn. I am willing to admit my obsession and even more so, after her 2016 accolades.  Hope you might hear a fraction of the beauty my ears love.

Hey, you don’t have to take my word for it….just listen.

Julien Baker-Funeral Pyre


Green Day

Green Day is an incredible band, and one with many, many hits under their belt. Well, this song is going to be added to my list of unforgettable music combined with my actual moments in life. Especially relevant in our unprecedented weird political time. Tell me what you think.


Green Day-We Live In Troubled Times

Allman Brown

Love this song from someone new on the music scene for me. Allman Brown is from London and a  folk/pop/love song master. The song, “Sweetest Thing” is a case in point. A lovely song with a folk sound, a steady build, and the vocals make it real. He has a debut album, 1000 years, out on February 10th.

Allman Brown-Sweetest Thing

15085453_1169762136405329_3606409751596993175_n.jpgPhoto credit- Jodie Canwelnext 

Tesla Boy

I am totally Intrigued by the band Tesla Boy. They are a  Russian electro pop band who seem to be wildly popular in their home country. Now, they have eyes for spreading their music internationally. Catchy and buoyant, what is not to love?  I thought this would be cool to share their music and make our divide a little bit smaller.


Tesla Boy-Avoid

In an interview they explained the song,

“The idea of this song is that people often fool themselves by pretending that they are not bothered and don’t care about the past. But in fact, somewhere deep down, they know that something else is catching them and holding them still. And this song is exactly about that.” 

Thanks for checking in. What are you listening to lately? Would love for you to share.


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