Savannah Stopover-Local Music Appreciation Part 2 #HappyStopover

Here is Part 2 of my take on the local band talent showcased at Savannah Stopover. Come sample their tunes and find your favorites.

Clouds and Satellites are a band with a honky tonk southern rock vibe. They claim to be “four lifers, makin’ noise”. Much more than noise, this song has a deep bass beat which guides the rest of the sound. They are planning to record and release their first full length album this year. (10:30pm Friday)


Clouds and Satellites-Aftermath/Workin’ All Night

Cusses are Angel Bond, Brian Lackey, and Brian Harder. Bond and Lackey are originally from LA, but relocated to Georgia and there connected with Harder, an old pal of Lackey’s. Their sound is rooted in rock with moments of metal and garage while peppered with spices of punk. Bond’s vocals clearly command your attention, but the guitar and drums balance out her almost operatic power. I have a feeling this is going to be a doozy of a show only meant for those with the all night stamina to jump to the control of their sound. (Friday at 11pm)


Cusses-The Wait Is Over


Lyn Avenue is Cc Witt (Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Patrick Ellington (Lead Guitar/Vocals), AJ Davis (Drums), and Larry Jones (Bass). They have been nominated multiple years as  best country band and band of the year for the Georgia Music Awards. They capture the modern alt-country sound with catchy heart thumping tunes. Their description on their website  is “Six String Spirit, Small Town Soul” and it suits them just fine. (Saturday at 2pm)



Lulu the Giant is a fantastical escape into the exceptional world of an upright bass, clever lyrics, drawn out glorious guitar, and a voice which would soothe the beast. Soulful and haunting, I dove deep down into their February 2017 released album, Kingdoms Fall, and found this one of a kind track, “Drown”. They are up and comers not to be missed! (Saturday at 4pm)


Lulu The Giant-Drown


Damon and the Shitkickers provide good ol’ country music for happy, toe tapping and a deep, belly chuckle. Who can resist clever funny lyrics combined with the twang of deep southern country roots?


Damon and The Shitkickers-Shit Or Get Off The Pot


Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks are new on the Savannah music scene. Formed last summer they have hit the ground running and already have an album, Acid Bath due out later this Spring.  They are Blake Lumry (guitar, singer), Zachary Estess (bass), and Anthony Bayness (drums). A psych garage rock band with lots of jam and pounding drums. Feel the power. (Saturday 9pm)


Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks-Eye Of The Sun

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