Savannah Stopover-Local Music Appreciation Part 1



Yep, I am officially obsessed with a music festival. So stay with me this week as I enjoy sharing some amazing bands. I’ll get back to Mood Monday and latest releases next week. So for now, just roll with my joy…okay?

Today, I want to send a bit of kudos to the Savannah Stopover booking agents. I appreciate that they throw some serious love to their local artists and bands.They attempt to give the local bands an opportunity to showcase what they’ve got in a festival environment. They give precedence to bands that haven’t played the festival before.

So, as a Georgia resident, I can’t help but send a nice shout out to the local bands that are playing in this happening festival.

Let’s check them all out.

Taze Daze makes me so curious…they don’t really have a presence or a digital footprint. Other than live show announcements in support of other bands, I couldn’t really find much. A burgeoning band that I now want to hear and see. Perhaps a nice surprise of a sound. (Thursday at 9:00pm) Hmmm.


Isaac Smith is a Georgia native and moved to Savannah after growing up in his father’s Pentecostal church. In Atlanta, he was rooted in gospels and hymns, but after his move, he found that there was a much larger world of music and he made a point to learn from and explore it all. He has some heartfelt  honest tunes you should hear…(Thursday at 9:30)


Isaac Smith-Magnolia Bloom



San Soma is the brain-child of Savannah local and Chicago native Cody Samson. Somehow he walks the fine tightrope of electronica and pop rock to capture an audience looking for a unique experimental music experience. (Thursday at 10:00)


San Soma-Yearlong Pine


McLeod is another local, they are Thomas Mole, Benjamin Thompson, Fred Tkach, and Josh Cook. To listen is to experience a soothing melodic psyche sound that has a sweet chill vibe. Here is a song from a year ago and now I am excited to hear more. (6:00 pm on Friday)


McLeod-Soul Rise


Ambrose is a bluesy band with jazzy horns and when I listen to this song, it transports me to a New Orleans flamboyant street parade. Clearly there are many similarities between Savannah and New Orleans, so it makes sense that this would be a sound appreciated and loved by all across the deep south and beyond. Come be transported and time.(Playing at 6 pm Friday)


Ambrose-St. James Infirmary


Miggs Son Daddy is a hip-hop rapper originally from NY, but attended Savannah College of Art and Design. There he found a new world in the creative local music scene and the Savannah arts culture. He began working and recording his unique sound and although traveled extensively on tours, he has continued to perform and headquarter in Savannah. (Friday at 9:30)


Photo by Cedric Smith Paintings & Photography

Miggs Son Daddy-Son of a Gun

Still, I have so much more to share.

Part 2 of Savannah Stopover Local Music Appreciation coming up next…




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