Savannah Stopover Day 2- in Photos #HappyStopover @SavStopover

Day 2 began with sunny skies and warm temps. We headed to a delish lunch spot to fill our bellies with Savannah goodness, before the intense schedule of Friday bands.


I was crazy starved, and my sandwich at Goose Feathers Cafe definitely hit the spot!


We had some time to hang out and check out Savannah. We walked some parks and took in the sights. While curiosity shopping we found a cool oyster shell chandelier at one of my favorite shops in town, Paris Market.


No need for a car this trip. We explored on foot to experience the warm sunshine and the local hospitality Savannah had to offer. It is such a great walking city.  I stumbled upon prettiness everywhere I turned.

IMG_3197 2.JPG

Spring has arrived in Savannah, the town of many squares and parks.

IMG_3100 2.JPG

Even the shops had cool displays. This is Krewe, a sunglasses shop.


Okay, back to the music. I made a point not to be late for Tall Tall Trees. After seeing him perform with Kishi Bashi last night, I knew it was going to be incredible…and it was.

Tall Tall Trees at The Jinx


His banjo lights up by a remote control which he gave to an enthusiastic audience member. The guy controlled all of the banjo’s color changes. I would’ve volunteered but carting around my bulky camera kept me from being my usual eager self.

IMG_3106 2



A favorite part of his performance was when he openly admitted to being a Doobie Brothers mega-fan and played an improvisational loop around one of their songs. He is so very talented and not only strums the banjo, but uses a bow, a drumstick, a toy laser gun, and even sings into the back of it.


Next we ventured to see McLeod, a local Savannah band.

McLeod-Congress Street Social Club



After breaking a guitar string jamming on the first song (which would rattle any performer), they recovered nicely and I saw incredible promise in this psychedelic rock band. Chatted with them afterwards, and found out they have new music on the horizon. I look forward to checking it all out and maybe posting in the future.

And I couldn’t resist their fun coastal tee….



Next up, The Paperhead.

The Paperhead at Congress Street Social  Club


Love the addition of a sax in a band.


At this point, the rowdy part of the evening began. We headed off to Ships of The Sea to catch Lee Fields and The Expressions. We arrived a bit early and were treated to Alanna Royale, a combination of rock, pop, funk, and soul. This gal has some serious pipes and some fun loving showmanship

Alanna Royale-Ships of the Sea




After her set, I decided to wander around and find something to eat. I spotted these cute kids rolling in the grass and chasing each other. They were giggling and having such a good time! Music…what music?


There were long lines for the Lagunitas Beer, but quick efficient bartenders moved them through quickly.


The pizza from this pizza oven food truck was yum yum yummy!


In fact, the pizza is so good that you shouldn’t turn away, because it is pilfer worthy! HaHa! Talking to you, Deborah and Nancy! xoxo! Fortunately, I had plenty to share, and in the process met two charming, Savannah native sisters.


Spotted in the crowd was this kewpie doll cover up and some over the knee boots with shorts. I love the diverse fashion statements at a music festival.


Back at my spot in the crowd I waited patiently. There I met the coolest guy, Shaun, who travels all over to hear live music. We had a fun chat, compared music notes, and he took a selfie and sent it to my blog. Get that girl some sunshine….sooo pale!

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.38.41 AM

Lee Fields and the Expressions at Ships of the Sea




Gold shoes to match that sleek sparkly jacket!


His impressive band had everyone moving to the music.




The set list…this is for you Shaun!



Next, I couldn’t miss another favorite of mine….and so excited for Hoops new music, Routines, coming out May 5th.

Hoops at The Jinx



Waiting in between sets, I couldn’t help but take a serious look around. There was so much to see…




Vagabon at The Jinx


Vagabon shares heartfelt music with a raw personal perspective. She has the ability to quiet a busy crowded bar, build her voice to a crescendo of sound only to suddenly drop it to a singing softness again. Brilliant.


Vita and the Woolf at El-Rocko Lounge


Sometimes you just have to dance along!


Walker Lukens at El-Rocko Lounge


His constant movement made it hard with my little camera to get the shot. So I found a fun perch in the crowded bar. The one time my height needed a bit of a boost.


To reach Club One, we had to cross the Savannah’s tourist area. Once we reached the Club, we had no idea which way to go. We went to an area downstairs… Nope.  Also checked out the second floor (nope) so we went through a main level door and this incredible room opened up to multi-levels.

A Tribe Called Red-Club One

We were told by many people throughout the fest, “Don’t miss A Tribe Called Red.”  They are an electronic dj collective with big screen visuals and a wild beat. The place was packed!



Before the night came to an end, I had to rush to see the ending of Curtis Harding. He is one smooth dude.

Curtis Harding at Wild Wing


One amazing night! My feet were seriously tired from running and dancing. I was excited to get some shut eye to enjoy another day of music! Nothing was going to stop me now!

The end…

IMG_8314 2.JPG

Day 3 up soon!





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