Wrap Up -Savannah Stopover 2017 Photos Day One


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I am humbled and thankful for the amazing opportunity to experience Savannah Stopover as a part of their press.

From the moment I left my house in Atlanta on Thursday, to the moment I returned, I honestly soaked in and relished every single second. I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to share the show and express it through my eyes. I came in with no expectations, but am returning home with a renewed hope and excitement for indie music, but especially for indie music in and traveling to the south I love.

I enjoyed the bands, the crew who worked so diligently to put on a very complicated festival, the other press in attendance, and of course the listening audiences (which made the scene so so fun). I can’t help but say this is one of the best music festivals out there for those that wish to really explore many different genres of music in intimate interesting settings.

I have to also add that having a chance to chat with a band member casually, bumping into a guitar player for a show the next day, or learning what music they listen to and inspires them, is just a killer experience. A band can instantly change from “rock star on a stage” to human and incredibly inspiring, intelligent, and thoughtful.

It is those experiences, of which I had many these past few days, that make me appreciate their music more. Personal connection, experience, and live shows make all the difference. Get out there and make a point to experience it all.

Opening Ceremony and Day!

The winning festival poster, I wish I could give credit where credit is due!  It is beautiful.




The Dig 




Kishi Bashi


IMG_2989 2


Tall Tall Trees supporting Kishi Bashi

It was a wowing experience and made his show the next day a high priority. Amazing talent and fun addition.


The Steak (wha?) shows up on stage and my new friend, Brianna and friends joined him to dance with Kishi Bashi and Tall Tall Trees!


An adorable fun couple and kind souls, Brianna and Jake. Loved hangin’ with y’all!


Isaac Smith

IMG_2999 2.jpg

Kane Strang



IMG_3010 3.jpg

Their set list


Communist Daughter




Ran to see Alex Cameron and I was actually early! While waiting, I met this adorable couple (Annette and James) traveling from Canada. They had to see Alex because they were big fans. I wish I had their fun dancing moves on video when Alex came on…but then maybe you should listen to Alex Cameron and use your imagination. All I know is,they were beyond hip.



Alex Cameron

weirdly wonderful….


Hockey Dad


There was no way to capture the drummer in still time. He was in constant motion. For a two piece, they blasted amazing sound. I fell in love with this fun, crowd pleasing, energetic young band! You will hear more from them…


Ezra Furman


Jeff The Brotherhood

IMG_3082 2.jpg

What a crazy fun start to a great festival. I experienced ten bands in 5 hours and it was just the beginning!!

Stay tuned for more!



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