More Bands to Explore-High Water Fest


So, the cool thing about a new festival is that it is smaller than the others. They can stretch out their bands so the listeners don’t have to decide between two or three favorites. Honestly, if you are pumped and tenacious enough, you can hear everyone. Did you get that?

You can hear everyone!

With two stages and varying start times, this could be the perfect storm of musical sound and a fun festival experience. Oooh good golly! I am drooling in anticipation of this joyous event….how bout you?

But, who has time to research all the music? Let me do it for you!

So stay with me sweet friends even those that aren’t able to be there. I hope to cover it so that you can experience the joy, as if you might have actually attended.

Let’s check in with the earliest bands. They are so easy to shrug off due to a need for sleep, a slow start, or just pacing yourselves. But these are the bands that make me proud to blog music. They are hard working creatives and seriously deliver their deepest passion to each festival ticket holder. They are the bands you really shouldn’t miss. They may very well be the next big headliner, or better yet, they may find new support and appreciation for their life-long work of music.

Go early….Go early!

Julien Baker-Saturday at 1:00

Starting off the Fest is the amazingly talented Julien Baker. I just witnessed her depth and mind altering songs at Savannah Stopover in a quiet church setting. There, her voice and her song was so powerful the audience collectively held their breath and appreciated exhaling and cheering during the breaks. I am curious to see how she transforms her thoughtful set of songs with such emotional tone to a festival stage. It will be something to behold, I can pretty much promise it. But don’t expect a dance jam. She displays more of a diary-like unfolding of her life in simple guitar strums and the occasional belting cry.

Julien Baker-Distant Solar System

Arum Rae-Saturday at 1:45

Arum Rae is a striking vocalist. She earned her way to study music in the prestigious Berklee Music School. With a name that means waterlily, I can listen to her and become the drifting blossom of her namesake, on slow moving waters in Heaven.

Arum Rae-Heaven

Charles Bradley-Saturday at 2:30

Are you up for a soulful digging sound with a 70’s vibe? Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires will certainly fill the bill. You might not even know if this sound could really grab you, but what, the what….it is music that will seriously MAKE YOU MOVE! If not, you can’t hang with me anymore! Damn, come early and jam with us!

Charles Bradley-Ain’t It A Sin

Caroline Rose-Saturday at 3:15

With new music on the horizon….maybe even days away, I feel sure we are in for a real sweet treat. I saw Caroline Rose at The Earl in Atlanta awhile back. She was in support of a pretty big band and I made my way to her merch table to have a chat…because her show was THAT GOOD!

She asked me to hold off posting because she had new music….well I have been uber patient. I can’t stand it any longer and am so excited to hear what she’s got up her sleeve. Obviously a serious perfectionist, I am sure I will be bowled over by whatever she brings to the stage!

Caroline Rose-At Midnight

Lucius-Saturday at 4:00

“Demonstrating an evocative mix of torchy, pedal steel-infused Americana and urban indie pop”, Lucius has an impressive pair of female vocals heading up the band. Another sweet story of melding the history of  Berklee School of Music and the band’s relocating to the hustle and bustle of music discovery… Brooklyn. Listen.

Lucius–Until We Get There

Aaron Lee Tasjan Saturday at 5:00

Have you ever a Shazammed a song and then distractedly forgot about it…then later Shazammed it again. Well this is the band, and for some reason, each time I hear this song, I subtly hear The Beatles in the chorus and the ahhs in the background. Can you remind me the Beatles tune I might be thinking of? This song actually is very different than his other tracks. Catchy and Nashville rooted alt-country rock, Aaron Lee Tasjan seems to transcend beyond any preconceived perimeters. So give him a listen if you are tempted to hear a newer wave of country.

Aaron Lee Tasjan-Little Movies

Margo Price- Saturday at 5:45

 While we are on the country train, we need to discuss Margo Price. She possesses a sing songy vocal that is bar none and lyrics that are refreshing and remind me of the good ol’ stuff. She is considered the next break-out star from Nashville. So maybe those are words are enough to peak your interest and see her perform.

Margo Price-Hurtin’ (On The Bottle)

Shrimp Family Records Band-Saturday at 6:45

So after Margo performs there is the combined joy of the Shrimp Family Records Band. A collective, comprising of those that made recordings with them. So this could prove to be the happy jam of many talented musicians.

Here is a sample, where they played at The Pour House…

JD McPherson- Saturday at 8:45

Allow the vibe of impressive potential up and coming music settle on you. Well, just when you think it might be close to done, is when JD McPherson will show up, warm the crowd, and remind us of the joys of a happy steady beat and repetitive anthem-like chorus’. He rounds out the blending of country and indie music. How can you not love this track?

J D McPherson-Let The Good Times Roll

Okay admit it, that is a lot of incredible music to explore. And….it is only the first day!

Stay tuned for a snapshot of what to expect on Sunday. I really hope your weekend turns out as perfect as mine!





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