Angelica Garcia-Orange Flower

Okay it is really a sweet life to send this blog post a bit late due to radical vacationing. My usual Mood Monday post has been hijacked by my incredibly chillaxin’ mood of a long holiday weekend extended to a wonderful vacay week.

Yep, I am writing from my favorite place on the planet, a beach outside of Charleston SC. (please refer to my website cover pic). The schedule is slower, sweeter and more satisfying. I have immediately adapted to my environment and feel no regret in posting a tad late….

So even though this is a day late, it is no less important. This song has settled on my ears in my most happy place and it settles well. In fact, I am pleased to present a firey, empowering tune of personal triumph in the face of relationship mediocrity.

Cause you know, we have all been there.

Put in your earbuds, crank it up and appreciate the power behind the music.



Angelica Garcia-Orange Flower


photo via Young Americana-WMOT-FM Roots Radio

My stumble upon this new artist makes me downright giddy. At first listen, the music struck my head with the potent storyline lyrics and my heart with an indie, rock and roll bluesy sound.  “Orange Flower” was the gateway song which helped me to enter into a new world of what her website accurately describes as a “ghostly gorgeous countrified blues and sly swamp Americana”.

Angelica Garcia is the artist who writes and creates this most compelling music. I can’t get enough of her gritty,  rock and roll. Craftily weaving a style of old fashioned country blues, a modern indie, toe tapping southern rock and roll, and storyline themes of family and life, she has mastered a fresh new genre. Okay, I am a fan.

When a young artist leaves their LA roots for the small town of eastern VA, I can relate. As an army brat who would move from place to place on the regular, I know how isolating and transformative that change can be. Clearly it has served Angelica Garcia’s creativity well, and I will be doggedly waiting for the next tune she births from her newest growth and change. Amazingly, the moments of the most daunting life transformations can also be the most creative. More power to her.

Her album, Medicine for Birds was released last year, but it is just beginning its ripple effect to my listening ears and I have to pass on the fury of creativity and muscle that it flexes.

I am really hoping you might take a moment to explore her album and appreciate it as I do, one lyric at a time. Because it is pure and true and intoxicating.


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