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If you were to ask me not too long ago, what would I be doing and where would I be living…I would have an answer that resembles nothing like my current experience.

I am a dreamer.

Hand me a dream, paint a lovely picture, set the scene and the sounds, and I will see it, feel it, and believe it. Many times these perfect dreams awaken something I long for, way deep down in my soul that I haven’t visited in a long while. Aspirations can be friendly neighbors who have become strangers and almost unrecognizable.

It is easy to get so immersed in life and those you love, that you may forget the nuggets of yourself which remind you what you long for. A while back, I was considering a move to a town I hold very dear to my heart. Not just considering…planning (okay, okay, planning in my mind). It seemed to good to be true, and then it proved to be just that.

It was a dream.

Although, it didn’t come true, the experience planted a seed and it germinated. Unfortunately, it never grew roots strong enough to settle in firmly. Without strong roots, the dream withered and died. But the seed still remains and hasn’t decayed yet. I know it is there, I feel it. Now, I think  the time is ripe to nurture it, protect it, and guide it safely to fruition.

Is my dream logical? Is it smart? Is it the right thing to do? Who knows…I only know this, my heart and my mind won’t rest until I find out.


I recognize I have been moving sideways, laterally with no forward movement. Yes, it is safe, and yes it doesn’t harm me, but is it going to make change? No.

Sideways is always safe.

Moving forward can be stretching out into parts unknown. It can be dark and extremely frightening.

It is time for me to stop moving sideways and step forward into the risk of the future.

My future.

Oh and by the way, I think it should begin with more cowbell!



“I can’t help the way I want. I was born on a Friday. Need new air in my lungs. Lovin’ me a good sideways. My disciples are only happy when I’m leading. Saying “it’s too late to be a crooner”. I’m okay with being a late bloomer.

Mama, I’m going sideways. Mama, I’m going sideways. Do you feel like you want to feel?

Smiling, dancing, make believing I was happy but the prettier the picture, the border the bitch is. It was a Sunday or someday or a something and I was getting ready, dressed up for nothing. Ain’t got nothing on my agenda. Still no time to call my Mama.

Mama, I’m going sideways. Mama, I’m going sideways. Do you feel like you want to feel?

It was a Tuesday and I was the Lizard Queen. Had on my cheap jeans and I was dreaming. Heavy, wholeheartedly about the things I want to be and all the things I wasn’t – I knew I’d need a budget. Got me a job and planned real good. But all the planning didn’t go as it should. I was distracted by the people walking faster than me.

I’m going sideways. I’m going sideways. Do you feel like you want to feel? I’m going sideways. I’m going sideways. Do you feel like you want to feel? Like you want to feel? Like you need to feel?”



Lauren Ruth Ward is a stop in your tracks vocal powerhouse. Her music has a throwback quality but lands clearly in the ‘happenin’ now’ category with its rowdy tempo. Ward’s raspy, twangy voice belts out bluesy rock and roll tunes with feisty emotion.

In her latest poppy track, “Sideways”, she references her personal life, and yet we can all relate, right? Adding vocalized breaths, a sing-songy three-part harmony, and slowing down the pace with an echoey psych section, her groove is arresting and unique. Ward explains the track,

“Sideways” is an anthem for those who get lost while acclimating to a new life. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, you gotta roll with it but not let the people walking faster than you distract you.” – Lauren Ruth Ward

A successful hairdresser back on the east coast, Ward decided to pursue her dream and move to LA. She also has a posse of talent, Eduardo Rivera on guitar and vocals, Livia Slingerland  on bass and vocals, and India Pascucci on drums, percussion and vocals. They have a debut album, Well Hell,  releasing on February 9th via Weekday Records.  Each song on the album has the gritty, honest stamp of LRW. Fresh and exciting, I am obsessed, and hope they’ll tour all the way from LA to GA.  Maybe this is a dream which can become a reality…

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