Savannah Stopover 2018-Caroline Rose, Public Access TV, Ratboys, and Vundabar- all recently released new music

I am feeling tremendous joy! I was once again selected to cover Savannah Stopover! This will be my third year!

YAY! I am over the moon.

Savannah Stopover is an incredible three day music festival that has a Midas touch when it comes to finding and booking the up and comers of today’s music. They seem to have a serious knack for predicting some of the bands that break out and become a favorite to the masses.

Which makes it oh so fun for me to be a part of the buzz.

So let’s get started by sifting through the 80+ bands in attendance for the weekend of March 8-10, 2018.

I thought I would begin sharing a few bands with recently released music. You might remember my fan love for Caroline Rose (check out more here). Her new album, Loner, is amazing and I can’t help but share tracks which put a spotlight on her bright vocals and her solid but quirky and fun song writing talent.

Playing Friday, March 9 at 9:00pm (Ships of The Sea)

Caroline Rose-Getting To Me

Caroline Rose-Money


With a breakout of fame early on and a serious trajectory of tragedy that quickly followed (a gas explosion on their recording and living space in NY), Public Access TV stayed constantly on the road to perform, hailing spotlights from some incredible touring bands and festivals. It is exciting that the band defined early on as one of the top sounds of 2016, has just released new music! They have captured the new wave scene of early 80’s pop with perfection, and I can’t stop dancing.

Playing The Earl in Atlanta on March 3 and also playing Friday, March 9 at 10:30pm (Barrelhouse South, Savannah)

Public Access TV-Metrotech

Public Access TV-Lost In The Game


From sometimes quiet, almost whispering vocals providing lyrical intensity, to the perfectly balanced crunch of their jamming, singing guitars, Ratboys out of Chicago set the stage for a playful listen. I am a sucker for their folksy authentic countryesque rock that confirms guitar driven bands still deserve the spotlight. Their new EP, GL, came out last week and it is a perfect companion to the album, GN, they released last year.

Playing Saturday, March 10 at 9:30pm (Barrelhouse South, Savannah)


Ratboys-Elvis In The Freezer


When you’re in a mood and music is your go to release, the grunge rock band, Vundabar, might be at the top of your list for expressing a bit of defiance and unabashed emotion. Acetone” has a jump in and sing along chorus that is infectious. While in contrast, “Diver” slowly builds in intensity and descends into wistful sadness. Count me in for jamming and bopping my head to their live set in Savannah and fully experiencing their incredible music.

Playing Saturday, March 10 at 10:30pm (Barrelhouse South, Savannah)




More to come on Savannah Stopover bands, but don’t delay buying your own tickets if you love to explore new music. Who can possibly resist a music festival in the heart of Savannah, known for its genuine southern hospitality, unique eclectic vibe, and gorgeous springtime?





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