Brett Dennen: Let’s…Tour comes to Terminal West

Lucky me.

I have a dear friend who loves music, like I do. Last night, I was treated to a fun show to see Brett Dennen at Terminal West/Atlanta, supported by Sydney sensation, Dean Lewis.

Dean Lewis has a 45,000,000 plus listen on Spotify with his song, Waves. It is beautiful and worth your ears, if you haven’t already heard it.


Dean Lewis





Brett Dennen is a singer, songwriter that has graced us with introspective tunes since 2004. With his positive beat and soulful phrasing, he continues to bring the crowds. His latest tour in support of his recent EP, Let’s… is no exception. Notably shy and quirky, his beautiful red hair flopped across his face for most of the set, singing behind it as a kind of armor. Dennen rarely spoke to the crowd, but listened intently to outspoken fans with past stories begging him to remember them. There was something endearing about his awkward dance moves and facial expressions almost reminding me of the guy you sat next to in high school that you really didn’t know well, but they returned to the class reunion as a cool celebrity, essentially unchanged. Brett Dennen has a vivid career in writing and performing upbeat songs. He has also recorded and toured with amazing talent. His song, “Wild Child”, was featured on the highly successful tv show, Parenthood and “Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)” was the theme song for the NBC comedy, About A Boy.

As I enjoyed the concert, I quickly took a few candid shots from my I-Phone. You know me, I couldn’t resist!

Brett Dennen












Here is the entire band.


His catalog is so large that it was impossible to please everyone and play every song. I overheard some fans express their wish for additional songs, their personal favorites. Dennen played a healthy mix of his tried and true favorites, as well as several new songs just released.

Here is the setlist. I quickly took pictures as they were hurrying us out of the venue. In the rush to get a good shot, I forgot to ask the fellow’s name. Nice guy to let me post! Adding him to my fave fan photo on my website, so email me and I will add your name and where you are from, mystery guy!




A good time was had by one and all! Video proof below. Shout out to Trapp…thanks!

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