Savannah Stopover 2018-Must Listens for Opening Day

I am only a few days away from my trip to Savannah GA and Savannah Stopover Music Festival. Are you an adventurer in new music? This kinda stuff is my life force. Finding out about and learning new bands that are successful in their own right, but just happen to be off of my radar, are making me giddy with excitement!

Savannah Stopover has an incredible way of curating acts that are diverse, on the rise, and entertaining beyond the beyond. I am over excited about the music I will hear live this weekend. If you are anywhere near, you must pick up tickets and join me.

Here’s what is pleasing my ears about their line-up, and I have to share the music making a deep impression on me right now! We will begin with the acts on Thursday, March 8th.

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Here are my Opening Night MUST LISTENS!

Neighbor Lady-Fine

Last fall, I shared an Uber with a member of Neighbor Lady. I went on a long adventure into land not remotely close to my home. It was a wrong address error on our part, but after miles of conversation, I realized this shared ride was really cool. Fast forward to a later date where I saw him live at The Earl in support of another band. I was totally impressed by their sound and can’t wait to see them again at Stopover.

Neighbor Lady-photo credit-chelse kornse


In support of his debut album, On Human Freakout Mountain,  Zuli brings his unique mixture of psychedelic rock and pop melodies to Savannah Stopover. He has an upbeat infectious sound that is totally relatable and fresh. Someone to watch for sure, this guy is going places.

photo credit- Kimberly Young Sun

FRIGS-Solid State

Intense and edge defying, FRIGS bring post punk rage to Savannah and I want to be there. Distorted, powerful, and totally beyond the ordinary this band stretches your listening with their experimental style.


Vita and the Woolf-Qiet

If you might be in the mood for powerful vocals and a synth-pop beat, then Vita and the Woolf is a must see. They possess the ability to create larger than life soundscapes which envelop the listener and command serious attention.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

KOLARS-One More Thrill


KOLARS has a blended upbeat disco & twangy rockabilly that makes my body go into automatic dance motion. I’m expecting a jamming fun set with this one. Who can resist this line?

“…maybe I just want to live my life, feel just one more thrill before I die…”

Okey Dokey-Wavy Gravy


Okey Dokey is one of the most unique bands to ever come out of Nashville. They combine classic Motown structures with modern synth layers and melodies. A combination that beckons a simple, sweet nostalgia but modernizes it with added volume and creativity. I am very curious…

Shopping-Suddenly Gone


Who doesn’t appreciate a digging groove, twangy guitar, and shouting anthems? Well, if you are loving the idea of that like me, welcome, ShoppingOut of London and Glasgow, Stopover is giving us a stellar opportunity to experience the popping angst of our friends from across the pond. So much musical energy…

Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics-Call Out My Name


A classic band from my sweet digs of Atlanta. Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics effortlessly combine sassy vocals and blasting horns with southern funk. A much anticipated new album out in April brings us a new song and a show not to be missed.

Larkin Poe-Preachin’ Blues


I am a sucker for a slide guitar and a clap and stomp song. Larkin Poe is another Atlanta band that shouldn’t be missed because of their perfected roots rock and roll/blues. Fierce vocals and amazing guitar picking, they have a style all their own. I imagine a crowd of happy foot stompers and hand clappers who singalong to every lyric lifting the spirit of the weekend to a new level.

Will I see y’all there? Hope so! If not, stay tuned for the musical picks for Friday and Saturday.


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