Savannah Stopover Friday Must Listens!

Savannah Stopover was born from the idea many bands were traveling through the south on their way to SXSW in Austin Texas.  Amazingly, the idea and concept grew exponentially and we are now into year eight. Savannah is an eclectic, artsy, city with a serious history of depth and southern charm. Now they can seriously tout a history of showcasing incredible music.

So going through the 80 + bands is a daunting task for someone that isn’t a music fanatic. Interestingly, I am the perfect candidate to share my favorite music. I am happy to sift and sort through the sounds that are all uniquely amazing. What are the hot pops?

I am here to give you the low down. Trust my seasoned curated ear. I don’t just listen to their latest tune, I listen to all of their music to date. It takes hours and lots of thought. I hope you might be moved by the bands that move me.

Friday March 9

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 12.28.52 AM.png

So many bands. Thirty to be exact! I will try and get out and see them all, but these are my pre-listening faves.


Brooklyn band Wilder Maker shares music that conjures up landscapes of simplicity and helps us to appreciate the gentleness of each instrument, lovely vocal stretch, gradual build of intensity and lyrics which bring life to a vivid musical imagination. Smooth…

They will have an earlier set on Friday which shouldn’t be missed.

Wilder Maker-New Streets

photo by Jenny Thomas

Atlanta band, Illegal Drugs, powers musical energy through their pounding beat and grinding guitar riffs. They play rock and roll with influences of post punk and grunge, which is clearly for jumping and dancing to the beat.

Illegal Drugs-Givin Up


Charleston talent, Grace Joyner, began her musical career as harmony singer to many local bands until one day she decided to take center stage. Accurately compared to that of Stevie Nicks, Joyner has purposely delved into her personal sound and honed her songwriting to create something similarly pleasing while proving to be modern and quite remedying for hearts in need of mending. There is something so totally relatable in her lyrical questions and struggles.

Grace Joyner-Dreams


Get ready to jam with the New York band, Honduras. Known for their wild live performances and late 70’s punk influences, they have expressed they have some new music! Here is their recently released new music video, ENJOY!

Honduras-I Need The Sun


Athens, Georgia duo Cicada Rhythm creates folksy, roots rock that has an Americana vibe. It is pleasing to the ears, simple in delivery, but at times almost haunting. While listening, your deepest feelings might begin welling up and get stuck in your throat, that’s when you know they have an impact that is deep. Close your eyes listen and experience it.

Cicada Rhythm-Do I Deserve It?

Photo credit: Ben Rouse 

Another Athens Georgia band, New Madrid, swims in a hazy psych-rock soundscape which jams brilliantly. I experienced them at Stopover in 2016, and recently at The Earl in Atlanta. Can’t say enough about their music and their live performances. Cherry on the top is really sinking into their music from, magnetkingmagnetqueen.

New Madrid-Darker Parts

photo credit-Carrie (me/High Water Fest)

Yep, I am shamelessly sharing this gem of a singer again. Don’t miss her live!

Caroline Rose-Getting To Me


Unhurried soothing sounds, Michael Nau, expresses a clarity of listening pleasure with creative simplicity. He has recently released a new album, Some Twist, but I must share a favorite of mine from a couple years back.

Michael Nau-Love Survive


Already gave them a shout out in a previous post, but must say that I have been listening to them on repeat. Can’t wait…

Public Access TV-Lost in the Game

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and a need to reflect the times, Kemba released his poignant album Negus. A hip hop artist in heart of NY, his lyrics are brutally honest and true to those he knows need support in fighting for justice. Powerful.

Photo by Patrick Struys

Kemba-The New Black Theory

Nikki Lane has that old school country sound that harkens the past, yet has the feistiness of modern femininity, full of strength and self awareness. Her music is embellished with the perfect smattering of twangy woozy sparkles and harmonizing choruses. Looking forward to seeing her set live. I think I’ll be sure to wear my boots.


Nikki Lane-Highway Queen

Hoping I can crush it and share Saturday’s listening choices too, but I have a four hour drive and a music festival to check out. Stay tuned!

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