Last Chance This Saturday! Savannah Stopover must see music acts!

Having trouble navigating the musical acts for Stopover?

I loved meeting this cute couple doing just that. Susan and Darren Reese are visiting Savannah for their 21st anniversary and Lo and behold, love live music. When they booked their visit to Savannah they had no idea they would stumble upon a festival of 80 bands! So, after looking over the lists, they didn’t recognize any of the bands. Worrying they weren’t cool anymore, I reassured them that Savannah Stopover hails some of the best up and coming acts, many from right here in the good ol’ south. So no worries if you don’t recognize any names. Check them out here before or pop in and listen live. There are multiple venues and multiple genres. Something for everyone.


Let’s get to the Saturday shows. Here are the choices…

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 3.45.34 PM

Now, here’s what I am loving.



White Violet, out of Athens, creates a bit of distortion and sound experimentation, while the vocals are honest and soothing in their standout track, Waves. Some describe their genre as “melancholic bedtime folky dream pop”. But don’t get stuck in the laid back, because there are twists in the music which wake you to pay attention.

White Violet-Waves




Beginning as a bassist for Bob Mould’s band Sugar in the late 90’s, David Barbe has continued to stay close to the ever changing music scene. Recently releasing his third solo album 10th of Seas, it showcases his gift of engineering and producing incredible artists over the years. He performed and recorded the entire album himself, playing all of the instruments, all on analog tape. Listen and learn.

David Barbe & Inward Dream Ebb-The Trees Keep Growing



With an old school rock and roll sound, The Nude Party modernizes it with a bit of defiance and humor. Come shake, shimmy, and twist to their popping set filled with debauchery.

The Nude Party-Sittin’ On My Sofa




In his song “The Only One”, Sam Lewis shares mad guitar skills, and songwriting mastery. Country music full of soul for your soul…

Sam Lewis-The Only One



Brooklyn psych rock band, Crumb, will chill the party vibe and interest your ears. They meld their indie sound with a jazzy semblance and dreamy night club vocals. Perfect music for swaying to and fro.


Crumb- Plants


With new music recently released, Of Montreal is sure to woo the listeners at Stopover. Athens gold, they have continued to push boundaries with their latest music. White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood was inspired by listening to 80’s era dance mixes. I will be listening to the album today, so I don’t have a favorite yet. Thought I would share a song I have been playing on repeat that is my female jam!




Of Montreal-It’s Different For Girls



From sometimes quiet, almost whispering vocals providing lyrical intensity, to the perfectly balanced crunch of their jamming, singing guitars, Ratboys out of Chicago set the stage for a playful listen. I am a sucker for their folksy authentic countryesque rock that confirms guitar driven bands still deserve the spotlight. Their new EP, GL, came out last week and it is a perfect companion to the album, GN, they released last year.



Powering through playing small clubs and venues in NYC, Acid Dad has made a psych rock name for themselves. They just recently released their debut album and will tour in support of it. Four years in the making, their set is expected to be lively and rocking. The music will have hazy gritty vocals and head popping beats with hints of Britpop.

Photo by Alec Castillo 

Acid Dad-2ci



When you’re in a mood and music is your go to release, the grunge rock band, Vundabar, might be at the top of your list for expressing a bit of defiance and unabashed emotion. “Acetone” has a jump in and sing along chorus that is infectious. While in contrast, “Diver” slowly builds in intensity and descends into wistful sadness. Count me in for jamming and bopping my head to their live set in Savannah and fully experiencing their incredible music.





Flowing instrumentation and storytelling in song, Cape Francis discusses his childhood influences in the stand out track Olly, off of his latest release, Falling Into Pieces

“Olly is short for Olly Olly Oxen Free. I used to play a lot of flashlight tag as a kid and that phrase is yelled at the end of each game. There is a lot of hiding and waiting in flashlight tag, you’re essentially just trying not to get caught, or at least that was my approach. The song explores that feeling of limbo, where you are just on the edge of something, with no clue of what’s going to happen next. The song is about trying to move past that feeling, choosing a path and committing to it, and just living in it, instead of being paralyzed and consumed with whatever might be to come.”

Cape Francis-Olly




One of the beauties of this festival, is that one venue is in a church. I have blogged about Wild Child before, and have seen them live…..but in a quiet church? I have a feeling I will be blown away from their beautiful voices and sonic genius in this unique setting. This song….this song….

Wild Child-Sinking Ship


New music from pronoun is outstanding! We will hear it before the masses at SXSW. This song is only a few days old and it showcases pronoun’s amazing ability to combine unique vocal sound to strumming, catchy beats. A must see.





Good golly….I am exhausted, but at the same time exhilarated by all of the crazy talent in this small southern coastal town. Can’t wait to share all my photos with you! Stay tuned!




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