What are you listening to? Here are my picks this week. Orion Sun, Yoke Lore, Snail Mail, Shopping, Khalid, and Wild Rivers

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Sometimes the music moves me to write, Sometimes the music speaks for itself. This week, these songs made me swoon and dance a bit. Trying to bring you a nice variety of genres and sounds to help kick start your summer.


Life is all about concentric circles. I find it amazing when two dear people I know recommend a band, but they didn’t know the other also recommended it to me. I find Orion Sun to be silky smooth and completely unique.

Orion Sun-Stretch


This guy is a bundle of talent. I have shared him before, but he just released another crazy good tune and new video. Your welcome.

Yoke Lore-Cut and Run


Snail Mail is becoming a very strong presence in the indie music scene recently. This song is a jam, but also has incredible depth. Love is so complicated.

Snail Mail-Pristine


When you want to dance…Shopping‘s music just completely fills the need. Pool party anyone?

Shopping-Asking for a Friend


I just found out about this song, and I am sort of obsessed with it. I am a little late because it has almost 300,000,000 streams…better late than never.

Khalid-Love Lies (with Normani)


Wild Rivers is a Toronto based band with ‘seamless layers of slide guitar, steady percussion and stunning vocals’.  You all know how much I dig a slide. “Howling” is the first track from their album coming out later this year. Pay attention, y’all!

Wild Rivers-Howling



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  1. Tom Lentz says:

    St. Vincent, Beach House, Arctic Monkeys, Elvis Costello, Bob Marley, XTC

    1. Carrie says:

      St Vincent is awesome! What do you think of the new Arctic Monkeys? Not sure I am a fan. Elvis, Beach House and XTC are one’s I need more time with. Thanks for sharing!

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