What I Am Listening To-Summer 2018

How are you? I hope you are better than me. I have been quite distraught this past week. The news had me on edge and I am literally reeling from the excess trauma of calling representatives, donating to causes, and begging for things to change and for the children captured at our border to be allowed to stay safely in their family’s care.

Then, in the midst of what I consider a human rights violation, I am once again slapped with the rhetoric of the frightening politics which appears to have zero compassion. Reminded once again of people’s true colors. In my opinion, compassion is for all people, especially the most vulnerable. When people post that illegal entry should warrant separation, I am flabbergasted. I have no time for their political agendas and blind support of dangerous policy.

Therefore, I am once again reminded of my desperate need to find new music. When I took the time away from the spinning tragedy happening at our US border, turned off my notifications, and momentarily looked away from the constant horrific news, the music slowly found its way back to me. Now that Trump has signed an executive order to stop the separations, I can take a quick shallow breath. I am not sure my heart or my head can handle any more suffering, debating, and lies. For this immediate moment, I am putting my headphones on and replacing it all with new music.

Please join me.

I am so very thankful that I have this blog and this outlet for expressing myself. More importantly, I am so thankful I have so many loyal followers who stay connected and check in often. I am humbled by your support, and I hope to continue to find music which speaks to you as it speaks to me.

There is so much out there right now. I have to carefully pick and choose, sometimes add and drop. But…here is my healthy mix for this week.

Okay, first up,

If you haven’t listened to Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever‘s album yet…STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and give it a listen. It is not just good, it is at the top of my favorite albums for this year. Those that follow me know I am a nutty fan of theirs (yep I was blogging before the masses heard them PROOF HERE), and lo and behold they didn’t disappoint me with their latest album. Wonderful soft, post punk/rock and roll. Melodic voices with tight lyrical stories. If you are the least bit curious, check it out, NOW! This has been playing on repeat for me, especially now when I am in desperate need for a little frustration release.

Now let’s talk about all the new songs on my radar. You know, the songs that make me take notice in the first few notes and then again at the vocal entry. I have been listening to these tracks on repeat, because they sucker punched me to pay attention when I needed to step away from the sadness of the world. Pull up to a cozy spot and give these bands an honest listen.

Also, at the end of the page, I will post a Spotify playlist for you to follow or not, but it will give you an opportunity to listen in your car, walking your dog, stuck at your office desk, or even brushing your teeth (thanks loyal blog fan who requested I add that option).

Escape with me into a happier place and ENJOY!

Say hello to a band that just has a, wowing oomph, which kinda blows me away! Surprise, because Canshaker Pi is from Amsterdam! I feel as if they could be jamming at any college town in the USA. Please listen, and maybe they will have enough of a demand to hit the states later in the year. They have a spanking new album, Naughty Naughty Violence, out right now. Check ’em out.


Canshaker Pi-Indie Academy

Petal is Kiley Lotz out of PA, I found her because she is touring with other bands I have fallen in love with this year. So, I made a point to listen to her music…and yea it is quite memorable. Her songs capture her vulnerability and her struggle for personal survival. I find a nice connection with her subtle lyrics and the need to be seen for who we really and truly are.

photo by Emily Dublin


“The truth is just a piece of coal dressed as gold”

Wallows is a band out of LA which perfectly captures in this song, the feeling of growing up and the best years slipping by…way to soon. I get it and sympathize, while looking back longingly to those easier laid back days of youth. Their new EP, Spring, from Atlantic Records is out now and with millions of streams I am thinking we should all pay attention.

“…We were wanting to grow up every weekend, Now we’re watching the moments as they’re leaving…”



“We were wanting to grow up every weekend, Now we’re watching the moments as they’re leaving…”

I have posted about Laura Marling before (3 time mercury nominated songwriter). She is one half of the new band Lump. The other half is Mike Lindsay (producer and member of the bands Tuning and Throws). Their combined talent is musically soothing, with a wild lyrical dreaminess. Pure escape. Close your eyes and float with it.


Lump-Late to the Flight

San Francisco’s band, Pllush,embraces an angsty rock sound expressing deep emotion with raw sensitivity. Their tune, “Big Train”, begins its journey with a slow rock build to finish with the screeching brake blasts of guitars and crashing cymbals. Listen.

Photo by Jeff Hao

Pllush-Big Train

“You’ve never even been here before, how do you know to gauge what’s right from wrong?”

Love the way White Denim channels a nice rock and roll reset. “It Might Get Dark” is a welcome blast from the best of the past, and yet it is flourished with a modern-day descrimination. It is best listened to riding at highway speeds with windows rolled down, and be sure to drum the steering wheel not tap, tap, tapping your toes on the accelerator!


White Denim-It Might Get Dark

When a wild spaghetti western guitar sound pairs with dreamy vocals and somewhat dark and stormy lyrics, I am a captive audience. Laura Carbone‘s song “Lullaby”  is off of her recent album release, Empty Sea. She is a from Berlin and even though this is her second album, I am a new fan of her uniquely strong sound. Wow!

photo: julia beyer

Laura Carbone-Lullaby

As promised, your Spotify playlist (I may continue to add to it until Fall…Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Carrie,

    Great blog post as always. I think you are right, probably better to listen to the music than the noise all around us. Are you planning on going to Moon River Fest in September? Christa and I have tickets but waiting for a press application too – have never posted on their site. Are you able to give further consideration to doing some album reviews for Soundblab? Our editor is also planning to launch individual pages for the writers that I think you could link your blog to as well as I understand it. Would love for you to dip your toe in and give it a try. My daughter has even written a few reviews in her spare time. It’s also just a great way to hear new music in advance. Hope you have a great weekend!


    Mark Moody Writer http://www.Soundblab.com

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    1. Thank you for your support! I would love to have a chance to write an album review for Soundblab. Missed the boat on Moon River Fest, just checked and it is Sold Out! Not sure about press for it. But send me an email of general info on Soundblab so I can get in touch and learn the details. immersedinm@gmail.com
      😊 THX

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