Seeking Creative Nourishment


Tuesdays aren’t really much better.

Or are they?

Today, I vow to turn things around. I have been in a bad funk. I recognize I have neglected my inner spirit. But, I didn’t know it until I spent an afternoon at the High Museum, here in Atlanta. I lingered though the latest exhibit (Outliers and American Vanguard Art) observing the self-taught talent and I fully inhaled a refreshing new perspective. The experience waved a small dangling thread coaxing me to invest in my own creativity. I think I should hang on to it and pull. A couple of weeks later, I flew out to Brooklyn for a long weekend. Mind blown. So much to see, and so much to experience. This past Saturday, I topped off the sequential wake up calls with a road trip to Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden.

Viewing creative works and learning about the sacrifice and commitment of each artist is incredibly inspiring. So even though I haven’t been posting much lately, I am making important investments in opening my eyes to creativity.

This sign welcomed us into Finster’s paradise.


Howard Finster was a preacher and self-taught prolific folk artist who created tens of thousands of art pieces, including iconic sculptures and many famous album covers. Each and every piece was created in glory to God.

Talking Heads and REM are two of my favorite album covers, but there were many others.


Sadly, Finster passed away in 2001, and his artworks, subjected to the earth’s elements in Paradise Garden, are slowly deteriorating. There is hope it will be restored and the amazing buildings he created can be cared for and protected from further decline.

Howard Finster


The Mirror House
Having a little selfie fun



I have to admit, I have been a bit blocked when it comes to my own writing and I hope all of these fun excursions help me tap back into my own creativity. Then again, I have also had a ton of distractions lately. Our world is one crazy place. I know I need to prioritize and set some measurable goals. Dreaming and thinking all of the time, after my art excursions I feel compelled to act.

Each week brings a frenzy of finding new music. I depend on finding the freshest sounds that come my way. Lately, the music I get excited about has been few and far between. Summer months are a bit quiet for new music, so I am crossing my fingers it might pick up, now that we are in mid-August.

Until then, I will keep listening.

Because you never know where you will hear good tunes.

The Barbaric Yawps from Rome, Georgia at Paradise Gardens.



“I’ve nothin’ to lose, everything is to gain, if I lose my mind, I’ll get a superbrain.”




What do you do to keep your own creative fire burning? How do you find the key to  unlock your imagination and release your creative spirit? I would love to know.

I am eager for internal growth and inspiration, please stay tuned…

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  1. Carrie,

    That is so cool. Indie rock and self taught art must go together. I’ve been a self taught art fan since seeing an exhibit in DC way back when and own a few pieces. Have emailed with the Paradise Garden “curator” but have never made the trip.


    1. It is a must visit!
      They reached out to David Byrne before Shaky Knees and he planned to go visit, but his schedule changed at the last minute! So many artists have walked those paths, and I couldn’t help but soak it all in.

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