New Music-The Beths, Rubblebucket, Elephant Micah, BRONCHO, and Julien Baker-Phoebe Bridgers-Lucy Dacus

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Another week has slipped by and music has been hurled at me at a broken fire hydrant spewing force. Despite the amount, the songs rarely fit my stringent requirements….sorry y’all. Over the years, I have discerned what I am looking for and it has everything to do with it sparking my soul. Yep, I can sense it immediately….the spark. Then, over multiple listens and working through the band’s catalogue, I ask myself…”Does it spark enough to bring a fire of listens, desire to share, and does the back story show hard work and growth or maybe new innovative genius?”

So when I share music, you can bet that I have researched the band, all of their music and carefully considered the lyrics. It isn’t something I take lightly.

For the past few weeks, I have rarely found that “spark”. I sift through hundreds of submissions. When I do find a great sound, I share it with you all. Maybe the ones that don’t make the cut help me to immediately recognize amazing talent when I need it the most.

So, these amazing bands with incredible music showed up this week and I am listening to all of them on repeat. Check them out and listen.



The Beths is a band I stumbled upon and I am totally obsessed with them right now. They are out of Auckland, New Zealand and they just released their newest album, Future Me Hates Me. It was difficult to choose which song to share because they are all worthy of your ears. But somehow, I know there might be someone you think of when you hear this song. If you love the clever lyrics and jam of Courtney Barnett, you are going to be stoked to learn about The Beths, cause they take it to a fresh level.

The Beths-Little Death



Rubblebucket wasn’t really on my radar until I saved a Spotify algorithm chosen song that was cool. It was called “Fruity”, and I fell in love with the jazzy dance vibe right away. Then ironically, I was given the opportunity to write a review of their album, Sun Machine, for Soundblab and jumped at the chance. It just came out (click here-Soundblab). Oh, and they will be at Terminal West, in Atlanta, for Halloween. Bet it proves to be a crazy good show!

Rubblebucket-Party Like Your Heart Hurts



Found this artist on Bandcamp. Bandcamp is my go to when I have some time to explore and need a new music fix. It has the softness of the Appalachian sound passed down over generations combined with a folksy rock. Elephant Micah is so mellow and chill, perfect for a lazy afternoon.

Elephant Micah-Fire A



This is the ultimate dream team collaboration. With an EP, boygenius, out in November. Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacusare are all talented in their own right. Hoping they go on tour together and come to Atlanta!

Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus- Bite The Hand


BRONCHO is an indie rock band out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. All I know is that they are crushing it and I am glad I found them. They will come to the Masquerade on 12/08!

Broncho-Get In My Car

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