# 3 of the Top 20 Album Countdown for 2018-immersed in cool music

Snail Mail – Lush


Lindsey Jordan proves to be the exciting future of indie rock. In her debut album, Lush, she has emotionally charged music wrapped nicely in a straightforward open style. Although the subject of her music has been done repeatedly through the years, she brings a clarity to the gut wrenching experience of  breakup. Instead of wallowing in heartache, she somehow turns it all around into a superpower of honesty and jumps the hurdle of pain through a clear eyed musical expression. The songs send me back to that place where I feel like 18 again, vulnerable and overcome by emotion, yet here, there are lovely guitar lines that make the moment unmistakable. The songs are laid back, restrained, and brilliantly vague enough to place yourself in the song. With such a memorable album, it is jaw dropping that this is only her beginning. 

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