New Music-Whitney, Sandy (Alex G), Bon Iver, Jay Som, Crumb, Illiterate Light, and Horse Jumper Of Love.

We are halfway through 2019, and really good music keeps flowing to my needy ears. Here is what I am listening to lately. Lots of new music and multiple indie sub genres, from Whitney, Sandy (Alex G), Bon Iver, Jay Som, Crumb, Illiterate Light, and Horse Jumper Of Love. Hope you’ll follow the updated Spring 2019 playlist at the end.


photo credit -Olivia Bee

I am so excited that today, Whitney announced a new album out on August 30th, Forever Turned Around . They were formed not long after the break-up of the Smith Westerns, and the drummer,  Julien Ehrlich is the main vocalist, up front and not hiding behind the rest of a band. Their song “Giving Up” is more piano with a jazzy easy going soft beat. It is the just released first single from the upcoming album, and it is sooo good.

Whitney-Giving Up

Sandy (Alex G)

I just read a wonderful article in Fader on Sandy (Alex G), written by Patrick McDermott (link-HERE). I love that I have been watching his career for years. I saw him at Savannah Stopover way back when he first hit the road touring and even shared a beer with him. His latest, House Of Sugar will be released on Sept. 13th. To see his mug on the cover of Fader is pretty surreal. Cheers!

Sandy (Alex G)-Gretel

Bon Iver

Any day a new Bon Iver tune pops in my radar, I am instantly smitten. His latest song came without much warning and it is a beautiful 3 minutes and 36 seconds. Another simultaneous release was, U (Man Like). Bon Iver hasn’t had new music since 2017, but Justin Vernon has been busy writing and recording for various other projects, and playing new songs at festivals, hinting at a new album. Annnd Yesss, it was officially announced but with no date. I am hoping. All Points East, will arrive soon!

Bon Iver-Hey Ma

Jay Som

Are you up on Jay Som? Melina Mae Duterte (her real name) garnished attention when she uploaded bedroom pop demos on her Bandcamp page. They later became her debut album, Turn Into. She eventually went on tour with Mitski, Peter Bjorn and John, and Japanese Breakfast. I am super excited she will release a new album, Anak Ko, out August 23. Listen to her catchy loveliness.

Jay Som-Superbike


Crumb is an indie rock band founded in Boston at Tufts University. The foursome melds 60’s psychedelia and loose jazz, with a bit of grime. I saw them at savannah Stopover in 2018. Here is one of my pics.

Crumb- Savannah Stopover 2018

I am really looking forward to their debut, Jinx, on June 14th. Their talent deserves to hit it big. “Fall Down” is just the beginning….

Crumb-Fall Down

Running in one turn
Let me loose, have a cry
Let me breathe, oh my, lalala lalala
Soaking up the sweat
Till I’m putting you to bed
And you’re sleeping like you’re dead, lalala lalala

Walk along the stair
Fall down, say a prayer
Fall down, say a prayer
Fall down, say a prayer

I can’t take the heat when it’s busy on the street
When I need it like a freak
Send me in, I’ll be quick
Look me in my eye, feel the temperature rise
On the needle, on the spine
This is it, you are mine

Someone cry somewhere
Fall down, say a prayer
Fall down, say a prayer
Fall down, say a prayer

You make it easy to feel nothing
When you are above me
Bathed in the rain
Bathed in the rain
Bathed in the rain
Bathed in the rain
Bathed in the rain

Illiterate Light

I really like this tune from Illiterate Light. I like their band name too. They are a duo out of Harrisonburg VA and both attended James Madison University deciding to put off their careers for their music. Touring with Rainbow Kitten Surprise right now, a band I have seen on several occasions who have the most wonderful live show. On the heels of RKS’s stage talent and great music, Illiterate Light hold their own. They released new music, Sweet Beast, back in January, but Caroline Lorelei was out just last week. Are you a fan of the crop top in the video? To each their own. But, their music definitely stands out.

Illiterate Light-Caroline Lorelei

New to me, but an old favorite of many, Horse Jumper Of Love is a Boston band which drips into your psyche like glued collages of sounds. Their lyrics seem totally unrelated and dangling, but are gently connected by subtle repeating beats, grunge guitars, and hazy dream-like swirls. If you are into experimental rock, this is the diamond in the rough you are looking for. Known for their DIY house performances, and developing their base of loyal fans, they will soon be releasing, So Divine, on June 28th via Run For Cover Records.

Horse Jumper Of Love-Poison

As always, I am adding to my 2019 playlist. Check it out. I hope you will follow.

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  1. Illiterate Light, literally blew me away at the Savannah Stopover this year. Their live show was incredible, they bring so much sound and energy for a two piece band. You need to see this band live to appreciate how talented they really are.

    P.S. The crop top totally works…

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