Nada Surf -So Much Love & King Krule-Alone Omen 3

We all desire connection. It is important for our mental health and our physical survival. Think back on the early beginnings of a relationship where you were starry eyed and gaga over the mere mention of their name. Those fluttery feelings of puppy love can fire amazing endorphins, reinforcing the need to be with that person. It is an incredible feeling, like no other.

Once you experience love, it becomes paramount to nurture, care for, and protect it from any harm. Love should never be taken for granted. Every love needs attention including the love of family and friends. It is Valentine’s Day, so go ahead and celebrate love! But know that love should also be celebrated every day to express your thanks and appreciation.

Who do you need to reach out to? What friendships and love have you neglected lately? Make today about connecting with them on a deeper level than hearts, flowers, and candy.

I heard this song recently when I was checking out Nada Surf’s latest album release. I love the joyous vibe reminding me that if we seek love, we will find it. This simple idea brings a bit of optimism in my world. So instead of feeling despair about what is going on all around me…

“I’ll fight to stay open
I’ll fight to stay wild
I’ll seek better nature
I’ll find it like a child…”

Nada Surf-So Much Love

Nada Surf is an alternative rock band out of New York. They are Matthew Caws (guitar, vocals), Ira Elliot (drums), Daniel Lorca (bass, backing vocals). They formed in the 1990s, and just released their ninth album, Never Not Together via Barsuk Records.

“So Much Love’ is a song that celebrates good will between people,” says Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws. “Sometimes it can be hard to remember that it’s there. But it’s all around us. A little tolerance and acceptance can be built on. Small gestures add up. We’re good at love and being kind. It comes naturally to us, but so do other things. You just have to keep looking for the right way to lean.”

Sadly, there are two sides to love. There can be a painful dark side, where love is gone or love is nowhere to be found. Change and growing apart can lead to a break-up and love lost. The ending of love or the lack of love can be the most isolating feeling ever. When you experience the despair, it can be overwhelming and seems like the rough waters you are navigating will never still.

But they do. I know you’ve heard it before but difficult endings can make new possibilities and beginnings that much sweeter.

Sometimes we feel as if connections erode over time. So when a holiday like Valentine’s Day comes along it is hard to face. When I feel so all alone, I recognize I am never really alone. I continue to learn this lesson over the years. There is a greater power at work within me, and any hardship I feel usually helps me grow, learn, and change for the better.

Even though this song has a very dark sultry vibe, the message of never being alone is there. The reminder is important to me, especially when my heart hurts or when I feel inexplicably lost. So for those that are feeling pessimistic about Valentine’s Day, or just love in general. I see you. Remember you are not alone….

King Krule- Alone Omen 3

“Take a dip, for your love
Take your time
Take a ticket, take the train
To the end of the line
See where you can go, expend it
It’s plastic, no do or die
Better flip it, think about it
You’ll do just fine, well

These things will come and go
Deep in the metropol’

Throw a stone, see it land
Forget it’s fly
Draw a line in the sand
Between your thighs
Just to see which way you go
So you got this, you the lead
Free your own
Better throw it, consume it
Then let it go, girl

Don’t forget you’re not alone
Deep in the metropol’

The ache of thunder in the storms of your mind
Soak it in for the rain will pass in time
Nothing wrong in sinking low
In the omen of paradise
You’re the ghost they put aside

But don’t forget you’re not alone
Sometimes you’re stressed
But don’t forget you’re not alone
Sometimes you’re stressed

Every minute, every second
You’re not alone, you’re not alone
You’re not alone, you’re not alone
You’re not alone, you’re not alone

Sometimes you’re stressed
Sometimes you’re stressed”

Archy Ivan Marshall aka, King Krule is an English singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer and musician. He is about to release his fourth album, Man Alive! via True Panther Sounds. This song’s vibe can be austere and a bit startling, but to me it is a powerful statement. The grungy crash ending is explosive perfection.

In his song, Alone Omen 3 he explains…

“I felt like I had gotten out of a dark place, and I was on a high. I appreciated the depression… but I also liked how I felt better in the here and now”

Let the Valentine’s Day celebrations begin! Whether you have special plans with a certain someone, or you make special plans for yourself, always know you are appreciated by me!

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