New Sounds to Hear-Honey Cutt and Deeper

I am so psyched about going to Savannah Stopover again this year! It will be my fifth year. Devoted regular attendees messaged me recently and asked me who I am listening to and excited about seeing this year. I have a long list, but this festival is about music discovery. Ultimately that is really the heart of Stopover and with just a few weeks until it begins, I have to do a bit of research and dive into the 50 plus touring/local bands and musicians.

The best place for me to begin is the Savannah Stopover 2020 playlist on Spotify (shared at the end of this post). Listening gets me stoked about all of the great music and the widely diverse sounds. There is a band for every listening taste. I thought I would share a couple of bands that immediately piqued my interest.

Honey Cutt

At first listen, Honey Cutt really stood out for me. Cause you all know how much I love that indie-pop sound with artsy female vocals. Honey Cutt is Kaley Honeycutt who is from Florida but relocated to Boston to build her music world. There she met Ari Blut who plays bass and Chris Chew on drums. With an album out on March 13th, Coasting via Kanine Records, Savannah Stopover will be at the beginning of their spring touring. The label explains her inspiration for the album.

“From dirt roads in small Florida towns, to dirty basements flooded with Ivy League college kids dancing along unassumingly to her coy pop tunes, Honeycutt’s love of indie pop and dreamy, surf pop guitar tones run throughout her debut album.”



Photo Credit: Brendan Carroll

Deeper is another band which immediately stood out to me. I really dig their twangy guitars and off beat, shifting sounds. All are enhanced by the lead singer’s emphatic edginess. They are singer and guitarist Nic Gohl, guitarist Mike Clawson, bassist Drew McBride, and drummer Shiraz Bhatti out of Chicago’s DIY scene. Their sound is post-punk/indie rock at its finest and I should’ve known they toured with Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (a favorite of mine) and The Districts (Another Stopover sound you should hear) as well. Deeper has a new album, Auto-Pain via Fire Talk , out on March 27th. From their label,

“Auto-Pain is an album about learning how to suffer. It’s also an album about learning how to feel better. The snow-gray synths that blow across the album suggest that it’s not always easy to see the difference. “The whole idea of Auto-Pain was taken from Brave New World,” Gohl says. “They have soma, which makes you feel nothing, but auto-pain makes you feel everything. Let’s feel everything and see what happens at the end of it.” “

So be ahead of the curve and listen to their first release from Auto-Pain and get excited…

Check out the other music by following the Stopover Spotify Playlist and let me know who you might be digging. The playlist is a nice, almost 4 hour ride and perfect listening for the cold rainy days of winter.

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