Savannah Stopover-Friday Night Finds

What are you going to do this Friday night? I will be at Savannah Stopover, running from stage to stage and loving every minute of the dash. The amazing music I will experience in between all that movement, will make it all worthwhile. If you are going, these are my favorites for the evening. If for some reason you can’t be there, sit back relax and enjoy exploring new music.

Dustin Price

Dustin Price is an indie folk singer/songwriter living in Savannah. I was listening to his latest album, Sleep It Off, and couldn’t stop listening. Each song was filled with emotional depth and meaty guitar strums. Now, I am curious and hope to check out his early 5:30pm set.


Ohmme is an indie-rock duo out of Chicago, Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart. Just today they announced their sophomore album, Fantasize Your Ghost. Known for their adventurous harmonies, jarring musical sounds, vocal switches and changes, they will be great performers. Here’s to hoping they practice some of their newest tunes.


DeVotchKa is a Russian word which means girl, but they are a four piece multi-instrumental vocal group out of Colorado. Their unique sound began back in the late 90’s and after multiple albums and sold out shows, they took a much needed hiatus in 2012. Then in 2018 released, This Night Falls Forever. Their musical style is described as gypsy punk, dark cabaret, indie-folk/rock. The lead singer, Nick Urata is a serious crooner with lyrical intensity and is backed by talented musicians playing a wide variety of instruments (guitars, piano, theremin, trumpet, violin, viola, accordion, sousaphone, acoustic bass, drums, and percussion). Playing in the Trinity Methodist Church in Savannah, should be a wonderful experience.

Shovels and Rope

It is a no-brainer to see the headliner of the main stage performance on Friday night. The talent of Shovels and Rope, an American folk duo out of Charleston, is undeniable. They have powerhouse vocals and electric performances, leaving the listeners always wanting more. Here’s a track from their most recent album, By Blood.

Honey Cutt and Deeper

I recently gave a big thumbs up to the talented newcomer, Honey Cutt. With a new album out, it should be even more fun to learn her musical style. I also shared a video and a big thumbs up for Deeper, a post punk band on the move. See my previous write up by clicking here-Honey Cutt and Deeper. They play back to back on Friday night, and I will be there.

The Nude Party

I learned about The Nude Party a couple of Stopover’s ago. They blew me away with their spirited, fun songs and entertaining performance. I can honestly say I have seen them multiple times since. They all met in Boone NC at Appalachian State University and started playing house parties. Since then, they have really honed their sound and created a lively fun band that brings back good ol’ 60’s rock and roll while striking their own unique chord. This is gonna be a fun one and a perfect exclamation point on Friday night!

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  1. You picked a great line up-and thanks for your time and effort for sharing your recommendations-
    Met you last year at Stopover, you are fun.
    Shitty weather today (Thursday) but supposed to be a great weekend.
    Deborah Cahill

    1. I will be there rain or shine! Pretty sure the festival people will assess and be on top of it. Please say hello to me if we are dancing at the same venue! 🎶🎶🎸🎸

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