Savannah Stopover 2020-Opening Night Picks

Thursday is opening night for Savannah Stopover X, and I am stoked to check out all the bands playing. Here are my recommendations for the bands you shouldn’t miss Thursday Night!

Tall Tall Trees

If you haven’t experienced this talented musician’s show…you haven’t fully lived. Tall Tall Trees is Mike Savino and his electric banjo comes to life through his magical plucking. He adds loops and effect pedals which enhance the folk, roots, psychedelic sound. Did I mention his banjo lights up and resonates with the music? Definitely a must see.

Country Mice open for him and they are a nice bonus, if you can get there early. They are a twangy rock band with a jam band sensibility and singing guitars. An added feature is beginning the weekend at the Ships of The Sea stage. There you can grab a bite to eat, connect with others, gather, and truly have a good time among the beautiful gardens.

Where to next?

It is a difficult choice for me because I am a huge fan of both Neighbor Lady (Atlanta) and The High Divers (Charleston). They both have amazing shows and incredible music. They have both played Stopover before and continue to introduce new music and grow musically.

Neighbor Lady

Neighbor Lady has an unstoppable female vocalist who started off solo, but has the backing of an incredible band and their sound has mostly indie rock roots with a hint of a country sound. “Oh Honey”, is their break-out tune from 2018 that is on repeat for me.

The High Divers

The High Divers are a folk rock band I have followed for many years. I was one of only a few fans in Atlanta when they played a tiny venue near me many years ago, but since, they have built a tremendous following through solid song writing and successful non-stop touring. Their show has the foot stomping sounds that blast through the crowd, and the honest softer tunes which dig deep. With three part harmonies and guitar depth they are a solid choice.

But, I may also have to check out an Athens band with a storied musical history.

Elf Power

I haven’t seen Elf Power live, but I know about their vast history and musical influence. They began in 1994 in Athens, GA. They have collaborated and had contributions from Neutral Milk Hotel, Kevin Barnes with Of Montreal, and supported acts like R.E.M. Their indie rock sound is totally relevant today and they have a large discography of well written nostalgic tunes. This timeless band is a classic.

The final choice of the evening is a no-brainer!



Omni is an Atlanta post-punk band which has been a favorite of mine for some time. On their Bandcamp page it explains them perfectly, “Their sound is defined by sparse drums, locked-in bass, blistering guitar, and nonchalant, yet assured vocals”. With their new backing from Sub Pop Records, they have reached a new level of credibility and definition, and they continue to wow me. It will be my first live show, so it will be epic! The perfect way to end the night.

Will I see you there? The fun begins on Thursday, March 5 at 7PM. Get your tickets now by clicking this link: Savannah Stopover.

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