Who’s Pumped For Savannah Stopover?


Savannah Stopover Opening Night

Thursday Must Sees!

I encourage you to listen to each and every band playing, but with a growing festival that becomes harder and harder. So I am here to help you make smart choices. These are my Savannah Stopover Thursday music picks.

Aaron Paul Zimmer


Folk and Rootsy Americana at its finest. He needs your soft claps and foot stamps to make it official. Aaron Paul Zimmer seems uber cool and well worth the effort to show up and listen.

Aaron Paul Zimmer-Giant

The Artisanals


When I see a band live, I go for the music I love, but I am always overjoyed to see a raucous joyous “show”. The Artisanals from Charleston, SC make their music HAPPEN. They are so deep into rock and roll and bring it all in their head shakes and guitar shimmies. This video is in a tight space, and I am expecting a never disappointing full on rock show in Savannah. Don’t You Dare Miss Them!

The Artisanals-Pound The Rock


Billy Moon


Billy Moon is a curious sound to me. I am excited to explore his garage rock/punk. This video is so impressively odd with his purple lipstick and vintage dress….I am totally intrigued. The guitar is so good, and his punk shout is my jam. Bring it on.

Billy Moon-Living Room


The Bright Light Social Hour


With a neo-psychedelic sound and sparkly guitar work smattered throughout all of their music, what could be sweeter? Well, this new album has some deep emotional ties to the loss of their brother and manager for five years to suicide from bi-polar disorder. The internal changes of their deep soulful state is paramount. The brilliance is evident and they are a must see.

The Bright Light Social Hour-Infinite Cities


Lucy Dacus



One of my top albums of the year for 2018. Lucy Dacus has the skills for poetic lyrics, but can roll it up nicely with guitar driven songs that make me melt. I saw her at Stopover just a couple of years ago, and wow… she has grown immensely and has become my all time favorite songstress this year. Witness the greatness of her music….

Lucy Dacus-Addictions


Paul Cherry


Do you reminisce about lost loves? Despite the where’s Waldo appearance, Chicagoan Paul Cherry has a bittersweet song of just that…it is so catchy and sweet that it may be a bit contagious.

Paul Cherry-Like Yesterday


Ruen Brothers

18.01.30 Ruen Brothers579.jpg

UK band, The Ruen Brothers have created the perfect morphing of the best of music’s past and a bit of music’s today. Their songs have an ‘I swear I know this song’ quality, but then with further listens you realize it is completely original. They sport a pleasing sound and each tune is a wonderful throwback to a time when music had a purer quality.

Ruen Brothers-All Shades of Blue




I have found through my years of music listening, it is the bands that can channel their own personal failures and triumphs in their music that will melt my ears. SONTALK is open to being vulnerable and it is totally relatable. Listen.

SONTALK-The One Who Breaks Your Heart

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Hope to see you this Thursday!


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