Sorcha Richardson-Last Train and Con Vos-Central Park


Sorcha Richardson is an indie folk singer/songwriter/musician from Dublin, but now she finds her home in New York. Her vocals are silky smooth with a hint of a lovely Irish accent, and the minimal instrumentation of this particular song seems to highlight those observations. This song, “Last Train”, is such an absorbing  confessional of her inner thoughts. Her lyrics are much like a diary entry when she sings, “this is hoping that we are not broken stitches. Open, love, bleed out”.

So how does she go from that haunting folk tune to this next song? Her newest project is Con Vos and their song is “Central Park”.


“Central Park” is so very different from that folk singer’s previous tune and yet it still maintains the glory of  her incredibly smooth vocals. Living in NYC now, Sorcha has teamed up with two rappers from New Jersey, Fortunate Ones, and their surprising vocals toward the end of the song work perfectly. The idea that they are rapping about childhood memories seems to be another diary entry, with a fresh pen. Sorcha must be complex and multi-layered. I look forward to the soon to be released EP, Cocoon Bloom, (a fitting title).

I must admit that I am personally wishing for the weekend, and “Central Park” gives me that bass, beat, and dance vibe that gets me excited about a couple days off from the usual grind. Listen for yourself, and while you’re listening, go on and dance. You know you want to.

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