Mood Monday-Sharon Van Etten-Just Like Blood

we heart it #piano

The piano can be a powerful instrument to bring about a well of emotion. A few clinks of the keys can set feelings in stone. No one does it better than…..

Sharon Van Etten.


“You shot me off, just like a gun

then you run, just like blood, just like blood, just like blood”

As she croons the lyrics so beautifully, I can’t help but notice the lovely way she takes a one syllable word and vocally stretches it out into multiple syllables, full of depth. It creates an emphasis that sinks deep in my head and is so sorrowful. Powerful poetry put to music. A haunting piano, violins, a slow steady drumbeat, and a vibrating organ, all place the melancholy in perfect balance with the lyrics. And then, if you might be curious about my other thoughts on her amazing talent, click here.

Isn’t it funny how some days are so sunny and others have a crazy cloud soaked with darkness. One wonders, what happened? Everything was going so swimmingly….then out of nowhere, confusion and misunderstanding clouds the mind, and the heart.

we heart it

Perhaps it is just the give and take, or the natural order of life. Nothing remains as you expect and the twist of fate always seems to rear its head to keep you in check. Four funerals in the month of May, finds me questioning everything. One was outwardly strong and healthy, one was struggling with disease, one faced old age, and then one was just a shocking unknown. No matter, whatever causes them to leave loved ones and dear friends is just way, way too soon. One day in my life, and then shockingly and glaringly absent and gone forever. On the positive side, I have been witness to incredible expressions of love. Family and friends sharing intimate stories of sweetness, joy and lovely memories. It makes me want to create those stories in my own life.  It makes me wonder what or who I am in this world. My only obstacle seems to be a fast-moving world and crazy, busy lives that get in the way from keeping those memories from happening. I wish and long for more love, friendship, and connection. Don’t you?

we heart it #friendship

Sharon Van Etten reminds me of the complexity of the human condition. We may always want more, but we also have to settle with whatever we get. I thank my lucky stars for the people in my life, the memories we have now, and the memories that are yet to happen. Help me to not cloud my relationships with my dismal self-centered mind. I wish with all my heart for the dark, hazy moments to pass quickly and the sunshine and light to return again.

A sad, sweet song seems to make the complexities of life and love just a little bit easier.

***After I wrote this, a link popped up today where you can listen to the entire album and learn the heartbreak behind each song. It is magical and I wanted you to hear it if you appreciate her sound like I do. Just click here- NPR-All Songs Considered***

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