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Mood Monday

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I am thankful for all of those precious seconds.

I feel lucky.

After the recent tragedy in Paris, I am appreciative for every moment that I am able to be around on this planet, laugh with friends, eat a warm meal, and watch the sun dance across my den’s rug. I don’t want to take my time for granted. So after being thankful, what should I do with all 84,600 seconds?

Today, it seems important not to waste a moment. My seconds seem to click away faster and faster, and today I question whether or not I am making the most of them. Are you?

At this point in my life, I am sort of on autopilot. Everyday brings on similar routines that are comforting to me, like hitting my snooze button on repeat, sipping coffee, reading the morning news, getting in front of my computer (the dark black hole of some serious time-wasting), and then listing tasks that need to be attended to and working through those lists. Sound familiar?

Today, I want to make a small subtle change. I want to mix it up a bit, and be more reverent. What should my priorities be? For this Monday, I am going to give serious thought to what I do with my time. I want to think it all through.

This song is a great place to begin. It provides a lovely 4 minutes and 23 seconds of pure daydreaming time. Put aside your monotonous Monday routines and take some time to dream of bigger and better ways to use your precious moments that are a gift to you today…


Your Friend-Heathering


Spacey, ethereal, and atmospheric, the echoing guitar is a striking feature of this amazing song, as well as, the voice of Kansas native, Taryn Blake Miller. This song is unique and perfect for my mood today. I love the way “Heathering” turns into a dream-like waterfall of sound that transcends time and place. My Monday settles on me quite nicely with this soothing listen to fill my day.

Your Friend is about to release a full album, Gumption, in January. It builds on the ideas of the first EP, Jekyll/Hyde, which questioned, “how am I being affected?”. The new album, Gumption, comes from a place of, “how am I affecting?” Recording with producer Nicolas Vernhes (The War on Drugs, Deerhunter) helped Your Friend value drones, loops and found sounds.

“I paid attention to textures,” Miller says. “I was trying to remove myself from an approach that I had followed before, but to be able to bring in that melodic element that is most inherent to me, and marry it with a more sonically meditative landscape.”

What could be more perfect for my mood today than a song from an album, Gumption, that is a record of courage, as its title suggests? Miller speaks deeply of her creative process by having the willingness to make necessary shifts, and to have a sense of self-awareness that ultimately leads to growth.


Photo by: CrystalLee Farris
Photo by: CrystalLee Farris

How will I use my time today?

As I listen and take time to think, I am saddened by the recent events of our world. My wish is for peace and I recognize that it begins very simply, with me. It is the only thing I have complete control over. This dreamy song has me in a contemplative mood.  What is good use of my time?

Here are the questions I asked myself.

How do I treat the people I work with, my loved ones, strangers? The way we treat those different from ourselves gives us incredible insight into who we are as people. I want to vow to be more accepting of others and treat all people with the respect they deserve as human beings.

What can I learn today? I want to set aside time to read and learn something new. How can I use the knowledge I gain? What classes can I take to make my work easier?

How can I better connect with friends and family? I want to prevent time slipping away between visits or conversations with the people I care about most. I will strive to reach out to friends and family more often,

How can I exercise today? I always feel better when I move. What exercise can I fit into my full schedule?

Most importantly, with all of those seconds I have today, I think I will make a point to live in the moment. I am going to stop worrying and stressing about the future and live in the present.

Right here, right now, breathe in, breathe out….a gift.







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