Haroula Rose-Moon and Waves


I am a crazy nut when it comes to lyrics.

Words mean so much to me and thoughtfully written words make me swoon. To others listening to music, maybe lyrics are not so crucial. I am not sure why I am wired that way, but I recognize it plainly. When I listen to a song for the first time, I am stopped by the beat and the voice, but the lyrics are what capture my soul.

Lending an ear to thousands of songs over the course of my few years of blogging, I feel I have earned a little listening experience. My track picking routine begins with the instruments and the beat at the start of a song. As I sink into it, I then perk my ears to listen as the lead voice enters in to the tune. The lead can ultimately make it or break it for me. As I find myself hooked to a song, due to those two elements which create the perfect storm, I listen again and again for the lyrics. Many of my favorite songs and lyrics touch on my life personally or globally, something I am living in the present, or maybe even reminds me of the past. Lyrics with power, boldly pluck my emotions and thoughts. Sometimes even disconnected or odd lyrics interest me when I am excited to make a concerted effort of trying to decipher their meaning.

Of  course, art can’t really be boxed in, so not all of my favorites follow this path of discovery. But generally, this is my go to for discerning my playlists and shared musical findings. What a gift for an artist or a band to combine all of those elements and create something multiple people want to listen to and appreciate. It is nothing short of amazing and I feel privileged to be a small cog in the wheel of sharing their hard work and talent.

A case in point….

Haroula Rose-Moon And Waves


Why does the moon hang so low?
On nights like these it feels so close
In a cape of stars that seem the same
Does the moon know each one by name?
Why does every rivers flow reach for the sea?
Can they be lonely, seeking some truth to reveal?
Serving their purpose for eternity

When the waves they crash, maybe that’s how they dance
When we shrug and we sigh, and another day goes by

How do we orbit around?
How come gravity won’t lose ground?
What are these arms built for
If not to be wrapped around you?
What are we all moving toward
If not to be brave enough to lose?

When the waves they crash, maybe that’s how they dance
When we shrug and we sigh, and another day goes by

And that’s how moments pass
Drops in an hourglass
Oh, where do we go?
Who knows where we go?
Why do we push and pull away?
Maybe this time I’ll stay
And trace my face in the car window
Wondering why the moon hangs so low

A simple but sweet song.

The words in this song aren’t necessarily profound or life changing, but they question what I question in this moment in my own life. I connect right now, and that makes me excited for a song and an artist. There are other songs that can clearly blast away at connectivity for generations, but sometimes a song that connects with my heart and my soul at the moment I listen to it, is powerful enough to share.

Once I decide on a song I am enamored with….I look up everything I can find on the band and the song.

This is one of my favorite parts of blogging.

I am always blown away with the interesting thoughtful stories behind so many creative musical artists. Each has a story to share that helps to develop their own personal musical voice. It fascinates me and I love that each story is truly unique. One common lovely thread is that someone must have encouraged their art and their music. Their push to express that love or perhaps even lack of support, creates a beautiful musical expression. Powerful stuff when you sit down and really think about it.


Haroula Rose, whose real name is Haroula Spyropoulos, lived in Chicago  among a music loving Greek family, and later spent two years in Madrid on a Fulbright scholarship. Upon her return to the U.S., she settled in Los Angeles and embarked on a career as a folk singer/songwriter. With film as another love, she helped to put together many succesful films, including this charming video for her song, “Moons And Waves”. Via her Facebook Page,

“Rose’s films and videos – which she has either directed, written, produced and/or performed in – have screened internationally and won various awards”

A discerning poetic voice and this imagery joyous video, form a lovely bond that can’t be ignored. What is not to love about Coney Island? But interestingly, I think the song is much deeper than the happy clips of spinning and swirling rides or the stark people stills.

My take on the tune sees a fascinating comparison with the world and the give and take/ebb and flow of what we think of as relationship. Clearly she writes about her questions about the universe and what we hope or expect from it. I am a constant questioner and often wonder along this same path of deep thought.


It makes me pause. I connect like a bolt of lightening seeking conductivity.

“Moons and Waves” is from her newest album, Here The Blue River. In this song, I  hear incredible talent and a folksy intimate truth in her voice. I am pleased to add this song to my list, as another exciting new discovery that deserves a share.

Whether you find a similar connection, appreciate the lyrics, or just admire the hard work and creativity of another musical artist, Haroula Rose is an singer/songwriter/filmmaker to  pay attention to.

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