Okkervil River Live at Terminal West-Okkervil River R.I.P.

With a vast amount of  vulnerability, based on personal and professional upheaval, Will Sheff holed up in a cabin in the woods and wrote his heart out. The album Away is a product of this stream of consciousness.  Within the first track on the album, I became a fan. Oddly enough, “Okkervil River R.I.P.” despite it’s obvious title,  isn’t all about the death of the band, but suggests to me the possibility of a new found rebirth. Perhaps Sheff’s renewal has a wider, deeper, more personable meaning, based on the lyrical depth and the woven elements of jazz, folk, and classical. At almost 6 1/2 minutes of softly strumming guitar, an emotional sometimes crackling voice, and the instrumental build of the song, Okkervil River sets the mood for the entire album.


Okkervil River-Okkervil River R.I.P.

I am a new fan, even though this band has been around for many years. So when a friend invited me to catch them at Terminal West, I jumped aboard with curiosity and excitement.

Here’s a bit of the experience….(via my hazy I-phone)

Okkervil River



Will Sheff







Amazing guitarist who also played in the opening band (Landlady).



The illusive gal behind the lamp shade.

IMG_1389 (1).jpg







Shout out to Victoria DeWitz of Chattanooga for letting me get a shot of her happily scored set list.



The opener –Landlady



I am ecstatic I was there and saw it all!  It is one thing to listen to the music at home, it is a much better experience to actually be part of it and see them live! Thanks to Trapp for letting me tag along! It was a memorable night! Don’t miss the extensive tour in support of the new album.

Check it out – TOUR.



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