Swimming Tapes-Set The Fire

Vacay and time away can charge batteries that you never knew were running on low….serious low. Life can bring a hurried pace and a busyness that causes you to lose focus. You know, the life focus of why we do what we do, where we stand in the world and if that makes us happy? It is important for me to move outside of my crazy simple box of life and gain a new perspective.

My 2 weeks trekking through the northwest this summer was life changing.


Travel brings a new focus and outlook ….life outside of me. There is a wild crazy busy world way beyond my thinking and imagination.  I am the gal whose bags are ready to be packed at a moments notice and yes, I always plan my next vacay on the return of the last one.

But now, as my chance of travel this weekend is disrupted by an intense frightening storm, I am reminded that home can also be taken for granted. You know what I mean, the comforting place you hang your hat and have your favorite chair for Netflix obsessions and good juicy novels?

In light of Hurricane Matthew, I am thinking about all of those evacuees on the coast and their thought that the home they leave may not be the home they return to. Yep, I am totally safe here in Atlanta, but the news and weather reports remind me of a dark weird time when I lost my home from a hurricane. It was pounds of emotion….from shock to awe to grief and a bit of anger. It certainly changed my life dramatically and I would never wish that awful u turn to blind side anyone else.



My heart goes out to all that are in the path of this monster storm. I am shocked at my dear friends that are staying (and there are many). I don’t get it at all. SMH! A home is quite special and comfortable and certainly loved, but the frightening fear and worry before and after this catastrophic storm may be even worse or perhaps deadly.

So, going through my latest music listening, I have to post a new song which reminds me of the lovely, sunny breezy days of summer joy and warmth. As thrilling as body surfing a wave on a sparkly sunny day can be, those same tides can also wreak a bit of havoc. Good with the bad. I am counting my safe blessings tonight and praying for all of those in harm’s way of the ever changing tides…..


Swimming Tapes-Tides



Swimming Tapes is a new band from the Uk, Robbie Reid, Jason Hawthorne, Louis Price, Paddy Conn, Andrew Evans. They capture that perfect dreamy vibe of summer with the yummy lushness of pleasing guitars. Other than a few well received tracks on Soundcloud. I am sorry to say that is about all I know about them.

I would bet we will continue to hear a burgeoning buzz, based on their solid tunes.

May you find a little comfort remembering the goodness of summer in this dreamy guitar indie pop. I hope as you listen to the tune, “Tides”, you are safe, and without heavy worries, whether you are home or on an unexpected adventure to escape a horrible storm. Peace.

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