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This is going to lose potential followers, but I need to be honest and share my truth. I could never vote for a mysogynist, egotistical, pompous candidate that claims to have all the answers with no backing. Interestingly, when a spotlight is placed on his financial dealings, his personal life, and his hateful shredding of almost every minority group in his speeches, I find myself completely shocked and appalled that there can be ANYONE still standing in his camp.

We as a nation have veered so incredibly and freakishly far away from values and truth that it makes me shudder in disbelief.

Yes, I am a female. Yes, I am horrified. Yes, I am with her.

Maybe you don’t like her past dealings, her demeanor, her whatever. Four years of HER is reasonable, calm under mounds of crazy pressure, and carefully and thoughtfully considered stated policy on every issue facing our nation. How could anyone not see that??????

So my mood is tense beyond repair. I am a guitar riff away from strumming and burning any guitar near me in a much needed comfort of powerful ‘release’ music. So, obviously, I couldn’t help but share this crazy bedlam of musical turbulence and sound. “Elk Mountain” is the perfect choice for my mood today.

Beautiful in delivery, shocking and explosive in sound, Melkbelly is a post punk musical chaos, much like what we are experiencing in the now. Long live this genre and I am hoping you might relate to it too.




Melkbelly is a Chicago post punk, noise rock band. Miranda Winters (vocals/guitar) Bart Winters (guitar), Liam Winters (bass),  and James Wetzel (drums) round out the cutting edge foursome. They have incredible power in their musical distortion because there is something shockingly disturbing, and yet sensible and pleasing in the build of each song.

A tangling of knotted sound and power, “Elk Mountain” pushes an envelope of music and creates a safe space to question the status quo. Music can be a catalyst of change. Change is desperately needed and perhaps one song can create the buzz of that kind of social revolution. The changes of the tempo and the power packed pounding drums, quickens my heartbeat to a frenetic state.

Or perhaps, music just helps us sift and absorb the harshness of society and subtly soften the blow of the crass and incomprehensible. Whatever the reason, I am all aboard with this crazy good sound and inventive band.

More more more…..

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