Mood Monday-Four Songs Reflecting My Mood…Listen

Today, I am borrowing a computer for this post. Do you see how devoted I am to this blog? I know y’all are here and I never want to let you down.

This past week, I have been dealing with major computer issues. I am so very frustrated with the fact that nothing seems to solve my MAC problems, despite the 7+ hours in support, and the countless hours of back up, which I should’ve been doing all along.

My sole purpose is to write and listen to music, so I don’t always take care of the business details which I should.

Anywho,  I thought this week I would just share some of my favorite songs. Each of these would have been a sure choice for today’s blog, but I don’t have the luxury of narrowing them down and thoughtfully researching each band. Perhaps you might enjoy this more?

Lo Moon



Holy Wow, the first song from Lo Moon. Dang, there should be more. Put on your headphones and crank it up!

Lo Moon-Loveless


“Crosses in the distance bells ring fast

Loveless in our shelter time will pass

Would you take a chance on us

Could you take a chance on us

Call out to the lonely with regrets

Loveless is your answer time will pass

Couldn’t take a chance on us

Couldn’t take a chance on us

Take my hand

In belief we trace our steps


No relief in silhouettes  

Battled myself so many times

What I was isn’t what I want now

We can seek denial and search for miles

Blessed love the love I need

Rolling drums the loveless bleed

Take my hand…”


Hippo Campus 



A catchy tune that is unmistakeable in it’s certain popularity.

Hippo Campus-Boyish


“…The sunlight dripping off the apricot tree
Lost to the night time living in deep
I would save the Earth
I would save the Earth
I would save the Earth
I would save it…”




Photo by Koury Angelo Photography


A song which speaks to my soul right now….loveliness in sound form.



“Honey, Call me Honey

Give me something I can keep

Maybe, Oh just maybe

You will need me, when you leave

Completely wrapped around an honest hurt

Oh can we make it work

you said to me

Give me something I can keep

Give me something I can keep

Give me something something….”




Then sometimes you just have to re-boot and open your mind to a new set of positive thoughts. This is the tune that can get you there…..


Hope you survive Monday,

and may these tunes help you hang on and keep going on

through the week.








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