Del Water Gap-Vanessa

My mood is currently pretty good considering all the shocking news everywhere I turn, the yoyo weather that can’t make up its mind, and my constant worry about the people I love. I had a really lovely weekend with family, a lot of laughter, and adventures romping through 20 million daffodils at Gibbs Gardens in North Georgia. When I had the chance to listen to music, I couldn’t help but notice a new band I haven’t heard of before. I’m sorta obsessed with this sweet, but sad, love song and the band…Del Water Gap.

Del Water Gap-Vanessa

“I am so in love with her
But I am so unhappy
She’s so smooth but insecure
I wanna tell her don’t be

She wears black all black on black
I wanna see her brighten
And see her lift her legs right from my lap
Oh no I think I’ve fallen in it
Oh no it isn’t any use
Oh well I should have left her sooner

She says it’s so cheap to think
The afterlife is given
One shot’s it you’re born and live
And then you’re good as nothin’

Oh no I think I’ve fallen in it
Oh no it isn’t any use
Oh well I guess my word means nothing

I just wanted to tell her
I won’t deal with this peacefully
No I’m just not like that

I just wanted to tell her
To walk out for a piece of me
Cause he’ll take you right back

Na na na, na na na na, na na na na na naaa 

Oh no I think I’ve fallen in it
Oh no it isn’t any use
Oh well I should have left her sooner

Oh well I should have left her sooner”

11889693_729757527152339_7531843006250278317_n.jpgPhoto by F.S. Oleshansky
Stone Studio, Lakeville, CT

Del Water Gap is S. Holden Jaffe (lead vocals, guitar), Charles Schlinkert (drums, percussion), William Evans (bass) and their newest member, Kit Conway. They have released a couple of tunes and have me anticipating a possible album or EP release. This folk rock indie group is out of NY and I read that in search of a proper name, Holden cleverly discovered it on the side of a truck (I think) and it resonated with him. Never having seen The Delaware Water Gap, I decided to check it out the real thing and found it to be one beautiful place.




This image of The Delaware Water Gap stood out for me because of its natural beauty. It is very much like the organic sound of this band, Del Water Gap. There is a rawness and purity to the vocals and the guitar melodies which make me want to listen again and again. When the vocals In “Vanessa” are suddenly isolated and framed by a simple steady drum beat or a soft guitar strum, my heart melts at the impact. As the song comes to a flourishing end with “na na na” choruses, I am in need of more.  I look forward to hearing more from this band, and I sure hope they venture down south for a live tour sometime soon.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. julianarde says:

    This is an awesome find! Do these guys have any other great songs I can check out?

    1. Carrie says:

      So happy you connect with them! Yes , if you go to my post and click on their highlighted name it will connect you to their Facebook page so you can keep up with their latest. Also check out their bandcamp page .

      1. julianarde says:

        Awesome will do! Would love for you to share this in our Facebook community of music fans and bloggers, I think they’d dig it too 🙂

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