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Have you heard of Savannah Stopover? It is March 9-11, 2017. NEXT WEEK!

If you haven’t you are seriously blowing it.

Let me give you the lowdown.

 “Savannah Stopover Music Festival capitalizes on the logistical good fortune of Savannah, Georgia’s proximity to interstates 95 and 10 by presenting traveling musicians with a welcoming place to play en route to Austin’s prestigious SXSW Music Conference.”

You have the chance to experience a giant festival in an intimate setting. Small venues, gorgeous weather, and you can practically rub elbows with the band members. These are up and coming bands from all over, and you can pick and choose who you want to see. The best part is, you don’t have to empty your wallet to pay for the ticket.

The trek to Savannah from Atlanta will be a fairly quick one. It is only a four hour ride from Atlanta (depending on traffic). There will be just enough time in the car to relish the joy of an exciting weekend away, and getting the proper relaxing rest to bolster the ability to prepare for three days of running from venue to venue and going non-stop at Stopover.

So, In order to make the best of my experience, I’m doing some much needed research and deciding which bands are on my must do list. The website for Stopover is sweet and can help you lineup your favorites (there is an app for that too). Come with me and get excited for Stopover!

Thursday, Opening Day of Stopover-20 Bands 

Here Goes.

Get there early and find the joy in not having to pick and choose. Check out Garden Giant, The Dig and Kishi Bashi without a worry you might be missing another great act, because they are scheduled at 6, 7, and 8 pm respectively and in one spot….Ships of the Sea North Garden.

Let’s begin with a local Savannah Band, Garden Giant. Their song begins with an earthy and organic guitar strum. Who can resist a chorus beginning with “Give it all you got, put it in a parking lot….” well and occasional cowbell. But it also morphs into a very pysche filled instrumental which helps finish the tune with a potent atmosphere.


Garden Giant-All Of The Things

The next band, The Dig, is out of NY/NY, and they have a newly released album, Bloodshot Tokyo. This tune begins with an organ. It gives it a throwback 60’s sound while the chorus and synth brings it back to today. They are David Baldwin – Guitar, Vocals, Emile Mosseri – Bass, Vocals, Erick Eiser – Keyboards, Guitar, and Mark Demiglio – Drums. Could “Simple Love” be a spirited tune for a sweet sing a long when I see them live? I think so!


The Dig-Simple Love

Let’s head back to the successful sound of one of my favorite music towns, Athens GA. Kishi Bashi is a success story from this small town burgeoning with potential talent. He began as a member of the band, Of Montreal. With three albums and an experimental electronic sound, he has provided a nice departure from the ordinary.


Kishi Bashi-Can’t Let Go, Juno

Now, at this point in the evening, I have to make some difficult choices. It is a battle of the bands and I have spent some serious time listening and choosing.

Here ya’ go….These are my picks (of course they are subject to change if the word on the street directly contradicts my choice).

How could I not see a band from New Zealand? Kane Strang is touring the US and when will he ever come back? Chances are sorta slim, so it is a once in a lifetime for me. Lucky me, I totally dig the sound too. A brand spanking new song to boot!


Photo by Loulou Callister Baker

Kane Strang-Oh So You Are Off I See


Alyse Vellturo is pronoun (Vocals, Guitar). She has a  distinctive singing whisper that perked up my ears. I love the way she describes her EP, There’s No One New Around You... “It’s a heartbroken girl in her shitty apartment in Brooklyn,” she says, which she recorded alone in the corner of her bedroom. Diary entries with music attached and it makes a strong case for musical therapy. This is the ultimate musical voyeurism experience. I am all about the therapeutic need for musical emotional release and look forward to experiencing her show live.


pronoun-A Million Other Things

The next 10:30 slot is a difficult choice. I have blogged repeat repeat* (you can check it out HERE) and have seen them live (minus 1 due to extreme illness). I highly recommend you give them a listen. Their tunes are relatable and fun and this new one has some societal substance.


Check them out.

repeat repeat*-Plugged In

Honestly, I’m probably going to venture to hear a new vibe, Communist Daughter. Okay, yea, it is probably one of the most curious names for a band you might think up, but I really am intrigued with their sound. They are from Minnesota and have an interesting history of troubled times and putting it into the music.


Communist Daughter-Roll A Stone

The next slot is an even  harder band pick.

Alex Cameron will probably be my choice. Watching and reading about his live performances, I am so intrigued and am looking forward to the show. Comment after comment of “the best show I have seen in a long while” definitely helps me make my decision. But honestly…I have already seen Daddy Issues (they are cool and have new music). I saw them with Diet Cig and they really stood out as a band to pay attention to!

Daddy Issues-In Your Head (new release)

The other choice is Wolkoff…Electronic Pop. So hard to choose between these. So check them all out and decide for yourself!

Wolkoff & Atropolis-He’s A Lizard (out a couple of weeks)

Alex Cameron is from Sydney Australia and he caught the attention of  US flamboyant band, Foxygen. From that meeting he has toured with some great names, Mac DeMarco, Kevin Morby, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Alex Cameron reminds me of a ‘David Bowiesk’ like sound, a bit bizarre but crazily hip. Check this out, and stretch your musical taste with me.


Alex Cameron-Mongrel

The late night choices are Hockey Dad and Major & The Monbacks.


Hockey Dad has perfected the surf rock sound. They are from Australia and I could almost swear they have spent time in good ‘ol LA. From a resort town on the southern Australian coast, they seem to live a life where sunshine and smooth skating roads are the perfect scenario for creating music. Really love their latest album, Boronia. Another act not to be missed. Just a sparkly fun jam.

Hockey Dad-I Need A Woman

Major and the Monbacks are another nice choice for late night listening. Very different from Hockey Dad.They sound a bit like the early beginnings of Nathaniel Rateliff or St.Paul and The Broken Bones. Major and the Monbacks have a wonderful throwback 60’s big band rock ‘n’ roll soul vibe. If that is your jam, I think you might like them. Because who can resist horns and brass in a rock song?

Major and the Monbacks-Don’t Say A Word


Major and the Monbacks are out of Norfolk, VA, Neal Friedman (Keys, Organ, Guitar, Vocals), Michael Adkins  (Organ, Guitar, Vocals), Harry Slater  (Keys, Guitar, Vocals), Cole Friedman (Bass Guitar), Tyler West (Percussion, Hype), and Bryan Adkins (Drums).High school friends who refused to put their instruments down when they started the 9-5 life, they are touring again and may have new material on the horizon.

Late night/Early morn choices are gonna be tough too.

Ezra Furman, Gibbz, and Jeff The Brotherhood

If my mood is in need of an eccentric fix, then surely Ezra Furman would be my choice.


Ezra Furman-My Zero

If my mood is light, I may check out Gibbz, just because it will be fun, dancing pop. He began as a a musical audio engineer, but quickly found it to a harsh life without much payback. Then he decided with his musical knowledge and talent Gibbz should be his new gig.


Here is a taste with his latest release…

Gibbz-Oh My God


Or, if I hanker for a serious 60’s/70’s vibe of rock infused sound then Jeff The Brotherhood would be the perfect choice. Their newest tune, “Idiot” is a crunchy song with a catchy hook.


Jeff the Brotherhood-Idiot


Okay this is just day one. I think you will agree with me that Thursday evening is pretty much packed with interesting acts and diverse talent. How could you miss this opportunity to expand your musical taste?

So, join in on the fun and say “hello” when you see me jamming in the front row. Get your tickets ...Savannah Stopover March 9-11, 2017

So, as an answer to your requests.. here is a playlist! Listen on your happy travels!




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