Jamila Woods-Holy-Empowerment in a Song

There is a moment in every person’s life where you might feel small, temporarily knocked down, or simply fighting for what is right.

I recognize the hardship people experience with difficult business relationships, losses, and missed opportunities. It is painful stuff. It is easy to slip down in the hole of despair, worry, or crisis.

I have felt these same feelings on many occasions in my life, but somehow, I see the light on a bright green leaf, witness the sparkly eye of an elderly woman in the grocery line, or the happy warmth of entering a closed up, parked car in the sun on a chilly day. In other words, I am lucky. I can find and seek moments which can transform my mood. Not everyone has this internal force. I have spoken to so many amazing women lately who, for one reason or another, are emotionally struggling in their business and personal lives. I listen, try to give advice when asked, but sometimes it just takes wading through the muck. All of the focus should be concentrated on getting to the other side, and finding a safe place to land and settle for a while.

One step at a time…one day at a time.

Here is a tune that is so empowering. It is all about the deep down person you are…at your core. In my opinion, you are always bigger than the circumstances you might find yourself in. You are Holy.

Jamila Woods-Holy

“Ye, the bad days may come
The lover may leave
The winter may not
Hey, the map of your palms
The temple you be
You’re all that you got”


Jamila Woods is a poet and vocalist who leans musically to soul, R&B, and hip hop.

“Poet and vocalist Jamila Woods was raised in Chicago, IL and graduated from Brown University, where she earned a BA in Africana Studies and Theatre & Performance Studies. Influenced by Lucille Clifton and Gwendolyn Brooks, much of her writing explores blackness, womanhood & the city of Chicago…Raised in her church choir, Jamila’s musical aesthetic involves choral layering in addition to the hip-hop tradition of sampling & allusions.”

All I hear is beautiful… and strong… and uniquely female. It speaks to me lyrically and vocally and I hope you might feel the same. It is the perfect song for a week of important meetings, celebrations of new beginnings and bittersweet endings, and simply taking the time to listen and pay close attention to you and who you might be deep down inside.

You are Holy.

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