Music to Hear Before 2017 Ends

While everyone is wrapping up their favorite albums and songs for 2017, I am still discovering music from this year that stands tall and should be listened to and loved. I am working on my end of year list, but in the meantime you should check these great ones out.

Nana Grizol-Nightlights I

I can’t get enough of this five piece band, why didn’t I know about them until now? Nana Grizol is from Athens, Georgia, and they have an album, Ursa Minor, out now. Nightlights I is an older song, but was added to this year’s album. If you are a fan of horns and ‘jump out at you’ smart lyrics, listen.

A House in The Trees -Tuesday Afternoon

A very hip UK band that deserves more press and more info on the web…A House In The Trees has a debut EP, What Am I Supposed To Do? It is truly worthy of your time. Here is a taste.

Arum Rae-Should I

Covered this sweet songstress at High Water Festival in Charleston. Sharing a song from Arum Rae‘s new album, Sub Rosa. Who can relate to this one? This is raw, pure loveliness.

Night Flight-Death Rattle

A five piece alternative band from London. Night Flight has a new EP, Wanderlust, out now. Here’s the song that convinced me to share. Sometimes we all need a laid back listen.

Abadabad-Feelings Gone

An indie rock band of six from Massachusetts. Abadabad has a new album, Touch the Feel, out now. “Feelings Gone” is a sorta jangly and nostalgic tune. Abadabad describe the track as “a song about love, loss, hope & hopelessness.” Kinda like the year, 2017?


No I am not going to leave you sad, with the tunes I am throwing your way. Let’s end on an upBEAT note. I have been obsessed with this song for the longest time. Yaeji is so infectious and this tune off her EP2, is such a fun, party dance tune. “Oh yea, hey dog, hey what’s up?” C’mon and join me on the dance floor!

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