5 Songs You Should Hear From Kainalu, Towers and Trees, SALES, Lauren Ruth Ward, and Deeper


I’ve been neglecting y’all. Many of you are in search of new music. Sorry, but I have taken a bit of a vacay from the hundreds of e-mails and submissions. Shame on me, can I plead a crazy case of spring fever?

Well, today I focused and listened to a bunch of the crazy goodness sent my way. I am one fortunate music writer, because I get to spread it out to all of you! I have tried to mix it up. Even though I am totally digging them all, I wanted to share something for everyone.

Not much commentary, just lend me your ears!


Kainalu-Folds Like Oragami

I have shared the music of Kainalubefore, but am now totally excited there is more to dig into and love. If you are a fan of ToroY Moi or Tame Impala you will appreciate the  psychedelic sound of Hawaii-Fi artist Kainalu.

Tower and Trees-Head Down/Heart Up


This just made me so happy….Indie pop with an interesting creative flair. It just screams Spring is here and there is so much to anticipate and be truly happy for! This song reminds me to listen to my heart and turn down the noise of my head’s naysaying chatter. Power to Tower and Trees, you totally won me over.

SALES-Off and On


It is a great day when I hear new music from SALES. The Orlando natives are so very talented and then this dreamy song shows up with weighty content of emotional struggle and confusion. Can’t wait for their sophomore album.

“keepin’ up old ways
expectin’ different things

you can’t say the words
you can’t say the words

off, off and on

talkin’ face to face
feel but feelings change

i can’t say the words
i can’t say the words

off, off and on

hustled out of there
fell right down the stairs

i won’t say the words
i won’t say the words

off, off and on

circle around a hometown
you once knew that you’d never regret
that you left

is it just our indifference 
or the distance 
that keeps us on this path?

outta’ sight
outta’ mind

you’ll ignore all the signs
how do you like me now?”

Lauren Ruth Ward-Blue Collar Sex Kitten


Once again, Lauren Ruth Ward nails it, her sound …her voice….her ability to wow with her every move. She doesn’t apologize for her identity or her raw insights, and expresses it all. Not for the faint of heart, but really powerful stuff.  Booking agents…you should be paying attention.

Deeper-Pink Showers

Photo by Alexa Viscius

Chicago based Deeper has a self-titled debut out in May and it is post punk perfection. “Pink Showers” was “conceived in a Chicago traffic jam in an effort to make a monotonous life meaningful. It expresses what is burning in us and driving our choices.” For me, I was drawn in from the first few off kilter, spangly, guitar notes. Swoon.


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