Basement Revolver-Baby

Mood today.

A flood of emotions.

Life is full, but oh, so complicated.

Just when you think your life path can’t take another change, it shifts and leaves you a bit stranded. Do you jibe with it? Do you research every possible pathway? Or do you remain stubborn and stick to the original direction never veering?

You might ask, how do I deal with it?

For myself, I become action paralyzed. Weird, but true.

I can’t make decisions, and think that ‘no decision’ will eventually produce some kind of outcome that is neither right or wrong. Yep, I feel like I am stuck in quick sand, feeling the sinking doom, but unable to hop out.

So many things are changing for me right now, so much that my heart and my head might explode. But oddly, I am just blah….

When I received an email from the band, Basement Revolver,  I experienced a deep connection with the lead singer and her brave journey of laying her emotions all out there while writing this song. Skeptical that the song could live up to the tender explanation of it, I cautiously listened.

Immediately, I wondered how the lyrics not only explained what I was feeling, but the reverb guitars and the swirling opaque sound also mimicked the crazy noise in my head with beautiful clarity. I listened again and again and each time I played it, I caught another pertinent phrase or dreamy sound scape accented with smashing cymbals. “Baby” is packed with emotion, vulnerability, and melancholy, but leaves you with the possibility that time might heal any internal wounds.

You see, I can totally relate to the angsty lyrics, turbulent atmosphere and power of this song.

I wonder if you might too.

Basement Revolver-Baby

“Baby I’m so sorry, I’m trying my best to figure this out, I swear that I’m so happy, this crying won’t fix what’s already broken and dead, just give me some time”



Basement Revolver is a band out of Hamilton, Canada not far from Niagara Falls, between Lake Eerie and Lake Ontario, and north of Buffalo, NY (okay, I looked it up). The indie rock band is led by Chrisy Hurn’s guitar and deeply emotive vocals, and supported by Nimal Agalawatte’s fuzzed out dreamy synth and bass, as well as Brandon Munroe’s pounding/crashing drums. Listening, it is clear they have obvious synergy and strength.

“Baby” is the first release from their debut album, Heavy Eyes, which drops on August 24th via  Sonic Unyon Records. From the quiet start of the thumping bass to Chrisy’s echoey vocals, the song truly packs a powerful punch as it swirls and builds to the somewhat hopeful chorus. “Baby” carefully balances those vocals and powerful instrumentation like a teeter totter leaning one way, then the other, until in the end their separation is indistinguishable.

According to Chrisy,

“Baby is about feeling sad and down even though you are generally happy about everything and everyone in your life. It’s about feeling confused about what I want in life, and how that affects other people. It is about crying a lot and feeling like I was burdening my partner with those questions. It is also about my tendency to retreat when things get too overwhelming, to spend all day and night in my bed and watching netflix and eating doritos.”

Just as our moods, confusion, and emotions affect those that are closest to us and add to the heaviness of how we feel, the song also becomes more and more luxuriously amplified to peak and then leave us with a final guitar screeching stop.

Pure wow.











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