Listen: New Sounds from Remember Sports, Yip Yops, Forth Wanderers, Ari Roar, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and Fake Shark


My new favorite band, Remember Sports. A fantastic fresh sound with their newest album, Slow Buzz, lyrically story telling and heartfelt for sure.

Remember Sports-Pull Through


Slap on ya dancin’ shoes and come on and dance with me. Dare you to stay still through this one. My favorite singing gal, Lauren Ruth Ward ( I have blogged before, pictured on far left) is touring with this Devo-esque band and I am smitten.

Yip Yops-She


The power and strength of the feminine is all over this tune. Whoa…I am loving their latest album, Forth Wanderers, and listening to all of the songs on repeat.

Forth Wanderers-Taste


I have to add a recent submission that makes me melt with the sweet humanity in every word and seamless shift in music. Soothing vocals complete the perfection and make me listen again and again.

Ari Roar-Don’t Have A Fit


This frenetic, crazy, fast driving song is my jam for sure. I am all about the band, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and everything they send out into the universe. But specifically, this new tune expresses the speed with which we all seem to live and yet at 4:06, I melt into the sound and it sends me out for the day, totally chill. A cardio blast of post punk and worthy of the welcome last minute workout, stretching, breathing time…

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever-An Air Conditioned Man


Another sweet submission that made me take a double take, and that doesn’t happen very often. C’mon WAKE UP and give it a listen. Totally worthy of your ears if you like lively, fun, indie pop. Haven’t you had that sweet dream that you just didn’t want to ever wake up from?

Fake Shark-Wake Up

3 Replies to “Listen: New Sounds from Remember Sports, Yip Yops, Forth Wanderers, Ari Roar, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and Fake Shark”

  1. Carrie – great post! I’m reviewing the RBCF album, so if you like that song you will love the album as well. Think it’s out June 15. They were also at Shaky Knees

    1. Thanks! Love finding new songs. I enjoyed your write up of RBCF at Shaky Knees. They were one of the bands at the top of my list to see, but had a conflict this year. I will look forward to reading your review. Def a band to keep eyes and ears on.

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