Five Songs You Should Hear Right Now!

So many great songs out there (anybody heard the Childish Gambino? love it but it has been done!). These are playing on repeat for me right now.

Just listen.


I am so infatuated with this band! They are just slaying music right now and I can’t wait to see them perform again. The Nude Party are one of my Savannah Stopover favorites. Now, they have new music! Let’s go back in time to a sixties vibe with lyrics which accurately portray the touring band syndrome…

The Nude Party-Poor Boy’s Blues


Jumping ship a bit and mixing it up, I had to share this lyrically clever punky band, Illuminati Hotties. They lay out the stream of conscious lyrical music which I relate to with great passion. Isn’t it the American way that we are all trying to pay our debts off? Reality poetry to jumpy fun music…

Illuminati Hotties-Paying Off The Happiness


I’ve been holding onto this song byThunder Dreamerfor awhile. So it has been out since 2017…but 2018 new to me. It soothes me when it pops up on my saved songs. The vocals are gentle and yet they awaken and make a strong statement when the chorus comes in. Pair that with the straightforward guitar plucking, and I can’t help but swoon a bit. Thunder Dreamer is an Indiana based band and this song has the perfect summer vibe. Ideal for long road trips, waiting in traffic, or running down the beach to jump in the waves (even if it is only in your imagination). Feel it….

Thunder Dreamer-You Know Me


I guess High Water Festival has influenced my song picking and the streaming that shows up in my feed. I heard this song one time and was smitten. It slays that folk, country rock, Americana sound I love! Traveller consists of buddies that want to make music they love. Not a new story, but their sound is definitely a winner. And yes, don’t you want to be like this Hummingbird?



So I have to add a fun, but defiant song for Mother’s Day which happens this weekend. This Australian band, Animal House, had me in the first few beats of their drum. Their song “No Mamma” is clever, catchy, and punk perfection. Are you ever gonna behave yourself? No Mamma!

Animal House-No Mamma

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