Saturday Stopover Band Picks-The Joy Formidable,The Beths, SUSTO + many more #happystopover

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Saturday at Stopover is going to be difficult to navigate. There are so many great bands playing at the same exact time, but blocks apart. Here are my MUST SEE! (even if that means I will have to only catch part of each) Planning is incredibly necessary. Download the SCHED app. on your phone. Once you download search for Savannah Stopover. When connected, you will get schedule changes and updates, a necessity for festival followers.

So plan! Or if you have FOMO, listen.

Skylar Gudasz


Gritty and tough wrapped in warm luminous vocals, Skylar Gudasz is a singer/songwriter to watch. The NC singer explains her latest track, “Play Nice”…

“When I wrote it I was feeling a lot of rage at the idea that, as a woman, you have to play nice and smile and go along with certain things as sort of a survival mechanism,” Gudasz says. “I hope when people listen they come away with the feeling that it’s okay to be angry.”

What a way to begin my Saturday at Stopover!

Skylar Gudasz-Play Nice

Savannah Conley



I am hoping to capture a quick glimpse of Savannah Conley, but it will be a mad dash. Another country crooner, she has a brooding sound that captures her emotions and truth. Great melodies and great songs.

Savannah Conley-Never Be Ourselves



The Toronto band, Tallies, brings back jangly indie pop with a steady beat, twangy guitars, and a stellar lead female vocalist. It reminds me a little of Alvvays, and they just released a debut album of well thought out original music which makes them stand out. This is a band that will easily be a new favorite of mine. I hope they will gain traction and become one of yours too. Bring it on!


Living Hour

Float with me and listen to Living Hour’s dreamy track, “Bottom Step” from their latest album release, Softer Faces. Listening on this cold winter day, is like basking in warm sunshine. Living Hour has psychedelic shoegaze steeped in emotive vocals, and is just what the doctor ordered to chill and sink into music which helps me forget any troubles. Bravo!

Living Hour-Bottom Step

Surfer Blood


Perfect sunny surf rock helps pick up the tempo. Surfer Blood is well known for their signature hooks, nice harmonies, and shiny guitar work. Jump aboard and surf along!

Surfer Blood-Matter Of Time

Pinc Louds VIP show

Do you have your VIP pass? This is going to be amazing! Maybe you need to upgrade? See info on Pinc Louds HERE


The Joy Formidable


Every song from the Welsh band, The Joy Formidable, is a jam session in the making. Their grungy reverb guitars and soft vocals create a serious combo. They are still bringing it, and create one of the biggest rock sounds out there today.

The Joy Formidable-The Better Me

Lunar Vacation

Lunar vacation premier photo.jpg

You need to step up and take notice, these indie darlings are going to literally steal your heart. Their tunes are the equivalent to a Sunday drive in the country, going round and round on a ferris wheel, or giggling with friends late at night like this video suggests, but they power punch with the lyrics and the display of emotion intertwined in the songs. I expect they will slay Stopover. They make pure magic.

Lunar Vacation-The Basement

Bad Bad Hats


Creators of fun bubblegum indie pop, Bad Bad Hats recently released an incredible album, Lightning Round. Infectious hooks and catchy choruses, they will be a sure bet. Don’t miss this one.

Bad Bad Hats-Nothing Gets Me High


Babe Club


With just one song streaming, I am very curious what might develop on the Babe Club stage at Stopover. “Hate Myself” is a power song, by the female bass player for SUSTO. She toured with an all male band to support SUSTO’s last album, but now has her own band and has something to say. I am listening.

Babe Club-Hate Myself

The Beths


This is what it is all about. I have been listening to The Beth’s for a year now, and picked their latest album to be in my top ten album picks of 2018 (Look HERE). I am over the moon to see them live. I know every song by heart and expect their show to jam like the music does. Every song is catchy, relatable, tight instrumentally, and charms with Elizabeth’s vulnerable conversation-like vocals. Maybe some new songs? A wishin’ and a hopin’!

The Beths-Little Death



Justin Osborne of Susto is in the midst of incredible changes in his life. He has a recently released album, some of his band members have checked out to start their own projects, and now he is married expecting his first child. So much going on, but he brings it once again with his latest album, Ever Since I Lost My Mind. I know this album well, all because I wrote an album review for Soundblab (Check it out HERE). Let’s just say, I am wildly impressed with his growth and talent. His live show will bring down the house, and I will be up front stomping, clapping, and dancing with the rest of ’em!



Mike Krol




When fuzz, grunge, and pop work hand in hand, be still my beating heart! Krol has a way of exposing his broken heart in overdrive on his latest album, Power Chords. He may appear a little beat up and wounded, but the music survives with amazing reincarnation. Head banging goodness.

Mike Krol-What’s The Rhythm


What band are ya’ll excited about? I want to know. Is there a band I need to check out, that I haven’t shared here? Reach out and give me a head’s up in the comments.

If you can’t be at Stopover this year check the band schedules, many of them are touring on their way to SXSW. So they may come to you!


Purchase your tickets HERE

Check out the full lineup and all the info HERE

Listen along with the official Savannah Stopover playlist. It will be my road trip jam!












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