Mood Monday Brings Musical Promise to 2017-J&L Defer, Colony House, Stef Chura, Seeing Hands



Okay Okay Okay….I like Holiday music for the first few hours. I reflect on the joy and the many joyous memories they trigger. I thoughtfully connect with each and every song. But, come clean and admit it, after hours and hours of play time…aren’t you ready for SOMETHING ELSE?

Well, here is the amazing new music I have had on my radar for the past few weeks. Yep these incredibly creative bands resuscitated me when my music listening became holiday stale. Amazingly, new music is few and far between during the Christmas/New Year’s season, but here are some 2016 songs worthy of your tired ears. Yes, these amazing tunes will set a lovely place for the new 2017 music to come flooding in. I am so psyched !!!!!!

Let’s begin with amazing guitar and soothing effects of sound. Put on your head phones and crank it up! It will be totally worth it!

J & L DEFER-Hard Fiction Road



This is the perfect song for a new year. The lyrics work heavily in your favor if you need just a bit of a confirmation that you are not alone in your quest about life and the universe….love, love, love.

Colony House-This Beautiful Life



Now…I can’t ignore the stunning sound of this gal with a December release. It subtly reminds me of The Pretenders and my love connection to Chrissie Hynde’s sound, but  honestly, Stef Chura has the most modern grungy twist. Whoa!

Stef Chura-You


Let’s just chat a bit about those happy sounds and the more mainstream music which settles the mind and causes happy wrinkle worthy smiles. This is one of those, so just relish in its loveliness. Don’t you know that special person from way back when?

Seeing Hands-I Knew You

So, I hope you will stick around, stop by often, and listen as we explore the music of 2017 together. Love to you all!!

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