Squeezin’ in Songs Before the Year’s End


I thought I would take this week to share the many songs I have loved and played off and on all year. I may not have blogged about the bands specifically but they were totally special to me. When I went through my catalog of songs….there were so many, I will share a few everyday for the next week. I hope you’ll give them a listen.

From Melbourne Australia is Dannika


Dannika-Saint Kilda Sunrise


Spent some of my summer vacay in Portland and went to Pickathon. It was a total blast and really enjoyed this band, Promised Land Sound. A bit crazy that I went across the states to see a band from Nashville. It was totally worth it!


Promised Land Sound-She Takes Me There


So, I fell in love with this band and went to see them live this fall. They were amazing. I really can’t believe I didn’t blog them cause this song plays on repeat for me.




A band out of Long Beach, California.  This song is from 2014 and beautiful. After researching them a bit, I learned they are no longer. Bummer.

Avi Buffalo-Overwhelmed With Pride

Just an incredibly hip song from a talented new singer, songwriter out of Portland, Oregon.


Alexandra Savoir-Shades


Omni is an Atlanta band and I haven’t seen them live yet, but it is a must! Lo and behold, they play the Earl on December 29th! This song is one of my favorites this year.



Stay tuned for more tunes! I’ll have another batch tomorrow.




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