Songs to Listen to Right Now! Yep, Now!


I am on a rampage of sqeezin’ in all of the good music that I have loved this past year. Hope you’ll give each a listen. Perhaps there is one you will play on repeat, and even one you will purchase the album or go and see live in the coming year. Go on….you know it only takes a minute or two. Which song speaks to you?


A band out of Brooklyn, NY. They have a distinct sound of psych/folk offerings rooted in interweaving guitar lines, ambient textures, and lovely vocals.


Nassau-Wake The Dead


A gal from a small logging town in Oregon, and now based in Portland. Laura has seen her musical career flourish and I can’t wait to hear more and more.


Laura Gibson-The Cause


Stop and take notice to this Londoner who seems to dry up the ocean between us. I feel connected to this music and hope he comes to the US. What started as a campaign for those with mental health issues has become a beautiful song of hope for all.


For those of you that need a good dance jam. This is your tune. It is a rhyming, jamming, slamming sound of a disco throwback with a fresh perspective..a cosmic perspective.

Mndsgn-Cosmic Perspective 

When you might need a little inspiration to do whatever you need to do. This is the song for you. Shout it and love it! An anthem of empowerment!

James Bay-Get Out While You Can

A sultry song of love and concern about where it is all going. Shaking my head at the accuracy of this wild relationship and the fear of what comes next….


Julia Jacklin-Leadlight


Despite the silly actions and banter of this band from New Jersey and obvious group of friends, the music is so amazing. I watch the videos and want to hang with them and come up with new antics…..How bout you?


Forth Wanderers-Slop


Originally from Phoenix and now located in Oakland, Stephen Steinbrink makes soothing but complex music. It makes me close my eyes and listen to every word, hoping to catch the meaning.


Stephen Steinbeck-Building Machines


Swirling sounds of brightness and a bit of lyrical reality, this band combines a lovely sunshiney day with depth and a bit of heartache. Masterful and worthy.


Turnover-Cutting My Fingers Off

Come visit again tomorrow and I will have more. I just can’t say enough good stuff about the talent of musicians out there in 2016. Hope you will give them some love.

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