So Many Bands and So Little Time!


Stop by and listen to another slew of incredible artists. All are worthy of your support and praise with an eventual download…..right?

Check it out.

Yung-Blue Uniforms

The song begins with sunny guitars and then has a few smashing moments where instruments melt and burn like the wax from a candle. Who can resist the contrast of sounds? Not me, it makes me smile! Whoa!

A band from Denmark who has a definite pulse on the direction of music in my world.


Photo cred- Fryd Frydendahl

Rozi Plain-Actually

So I am totally convinced 2016 was the year of incredible female artists. I could go on and on about the talent and my fascination with their bold power of words and song combined with a very personal art of creativity. Rozi, another Londoner, is one of many but her sound is striking and noteworthy….pay close attention.



All Dogs-Skin

Here is an emotional song of expression and vulnerability. All Dogs is another female led indie band powerhouse! Incredible lyricism and packed with catchy memorable hooks.




Cherry Glazerr-Nurse Ratched

Another master of the indie rock scene….Slaying this song, whoa! Cherry Glazer is a rock goddess and you should check her out if you want to feel the empowerment of rocking feminine power.


Parks Squares and Alleys-We’re Not Just Friends

Here is a song where the expanse of the universe is smaller and closer than the actual geography. Music (as far away as this Russian band) brings us together beautifully….keep the shared sounds coming! It might be the new diplomacy.



Sound of Ceres- Dagger Only Rum

Dreampop is here and now. Escape the mundane with this beyond this world track from Sound of Ceres. They are from Colorado and fill their music with lovely sonic textures.


Check the blog out again tomorrow for more music you can sink your ears in…..




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