Sending Out More Sounds You Should Put On Your Radar


American Football-I’ve Been Lost For So Long

With a 17 year hiatus, this much anticipated music from American Football doesn’t disappoint. Guitar strumming, heart piercing vocals, and it all ends in pleading, needing connection.



Glass Vaults-Sojourn

Glass Vaults from New Zealand reflects a dynamic and propulsive dreamscape of blissful pop and psychedelic folk. Their song Sojourn is an anthem of love.



WIN WIN-Been So Long

Unusual and effervescent, this song has been out for awhile (remixes plus!) but it was definitely my summer loud and proud song.



Old Man Canyon-Learn To Forget

Who doesn’t know this feeling? A universal sentiment and a lovely tune…

“But your early mornings always come to soon

Wish you could sleep away the afternoon

And wake up when it’s all done”


Uniform Motion-False Start

A minimalist sound that makes a deep impression. They combine their music with drawings and illustrations. Uniform Motion  is an indie-folk/post-pop band out of Europe.



Chain Wallet-Muted Colours

This sound reminds me of Porches. As sparkly as the song is, I love the guitars bringing a slow subtle distortion.


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