New Must Listens-Chastity Brown, Ashe, Buzzy Lee, Kin, and Overjoy


Hello weekend! This was a weird week of mid-week holidaze (Happy Fourth, Y’all!), and an unusually odd feeling of two Mondays. But Friday is a welcome happy and I have to share some great music I have had on repeat this week. I am trying to represent a multitude of styles and genres in the hope that one or more might actually make your playlist and prove to be a keeper.


This isn’t new, but I am in love with the gritty voice and musical finesse of Chastity Brown. Her powerful vocals remind me of one of my favorite songstresses, Susan Tedeschi of  Tedeschi Trucks band. Tell me if you hear it too. Chastity grew up in Tennessee, but is now located in Minnesota. Thus the southern sounding roots of “Wake Up”. I am an enthusiastic new fan of her music, even though it was released in 2017.

Chastity Brown-Wake Up


shot by leslie colon

I have found a new singer songwriter I am wildly crazy about! Ashe is from San Diego and graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 2015. In a recent interview for she chatted about her new EP, The Rabbit Hole,

“I’d really like for people to hear my heart,” she says. “I hope they feel like they have one more person in this world who gets them. To remind them they’re not alone.”

Her entire EP is a good listen. Oh and little known fact, I might have choirs in my head too…thankfully I am not alone!




Another must listen is, “Cool Hand”, by Buzzy Lee. Interestingly, Buzzy Lee’s name was to make her music front and center and not her celebrity status as the daughter of Steven Spielberg. Yep, I heard this stellar tune first and then was intrigued as I did a little digging. Once you listen, I think you will find it easy to forget who she is and only want to hear more.

Buzzy Lee-Cool Hand


Have a desire to just take a chill moment? Sometimes mid week holidays can just wear me out. There has been so much going on and not enough time to simply be quiet and reflect. This tune, “At What Cost”, by London newcomer band KIN, showcases amazing atmospheric production, soothing voices (similar to Bon Iver) and killer combinations of instruments (umm…Explosions in the Sky). It is no wonder it was created in a very special place…

“Writing in the cottage in Wales was a really beautiful experience. There was no phone signal or internet, no noise limitations or distractions, and no preconceived idea of what the music should sound like; we just wrote what we wanted to hear.”

Written about “the cyclical life of someone who can never settle”, the new single “At What Cost” arrives ahead of 7 more tracks – set to be released on a monthly basis until the end of the year. Nice!

“…Starting out solo

Wait it out, blow over

Pace affirmed, inside.

Could it be, new stride?”

Kin-At What Cost

Cred_ Leonardo Volcy (1).jpeg

Overjoy is an LA based electronic band known for their dance music for the soul. Their band name brings reference to a ‘peak flow-state of mind’, especially with their breezy vibes, popping percussion, and luscious vocals. “Same” is meant for your heart, your head, and your dancing booty. Happy Weekend y’all!



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